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Chin Dildos

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Best 7 Chin Dildos in 2024

Sell Fast Convenience Black Lamian Image
Convenience Black Lamian
5 Stars Rating(246)

Material: PVC + leather pants

Size: 8.6 inches

$32.99 $28.99
Buy Now
Face Harness Strap-On Image
Face Harness Strap-On
5 Stars Rating(245)

Material: Latex

Size: 5.5 inches

$45.99 $39.75
Buy Now
Large Silicone Ball Gag with Dildo Image

2 Images2

Large Silicone Ball Gag with Dildo
5 Stars Rating(203)

Fastening: Buckle

Length: 21.5 inches

Material: Silicone

$46.99 $26.99
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Belt On Shaft Image
Belt On Shaft
5 Stars Rating(226)

Material: Latex

Proportions: 5.5" length

Features: Waterproof

$57.99 $48.99
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Chin Toy for Couple Strap Image
Chin Toy for Couple Strap
5 Stars Rating(243)

Material: Latex

Color: Beige

Features: 5"x 1.25"

$59.99 $43.99
Buy Now
Strap Black Accessory Image
Strap Black Accessory
5 Stars Rating(243)

Material: Latex

Length: 5 1/2"

Insertable length: 5 1/2"

$37.99 $30.00
Buy Now
Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag Image

2 Images2

Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag
5 Stars Rating(241)

Fastening: Buckle

Allergen Warning: Contains Latex

Material: Leather

$62.99 $42.99
Buy Now
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What Is a Chin Dildo?

Chin dildo meaning
What is a Chin Dildo?

A Chin Dildo is a sex toy that consists of a head harness, chin support, and a dildo probe. The head harness supports the dildo that is securely attached to the chin of the wearer. This allows the wearer to penetrate their partner’s vagina with the chin dildo while giving them oral sex. It is a headgear that you can wear and use for hands-free sexual activities.

Despite its quirky appearance, a Chin Dildo is one of the most versatile sex toys in the market. It is well-loved by women who find pleasure in vaginal penetration while receiving oral sex from their partner. Moreover, the dildo attachment is a functional sex toy on its own, which means you can use it with or without using the headgear.

Chin Dildos are popular among heterosexual and same-sex couples. They provide deep penetration during oral sex and satisfy a multitude of sexual fantasies. Among lesbian couples, a chin dildo is an excellent sex aide that facilitates role-playing in the bedroom.

Among heterosexual couples, it is useful paraphernalia that can initiate various forms of partner play such as BDSM and role reversal wherein the woman wears the chin dildo to penetrate a man’s anus.


Modern variations of Chin Dildos are out in the market, such as interchangeable dildo attachments to satisfy individual preferences and to accommodate various kinks.

Here are the most common chin dildo varieties you can feast your eyes on;

Head Harness: Elastic straps, belt straps with metallic buckles, leather straps with metal rivets, double straps, single belt strap, and one-size-fits-all Velcro straps.

Dildo Attachment: Large dildo (6 inches), medium dildo (4 inches), small dildo (2 inches), dildo with a mouth gag, veined dildo, textured dildo (spiraled, ridges, and ribbed), anal dildo, progressive anal beads, and inflatable dildo.

Dildo Material: Silicone dildo, glass dildo, body-safe plastic dildo, latex dong, and non-toxic rubber dildo.

How to Use a Chin Dildo

Instructions on how to use a chin dildo.
Instructions on how to use a chin dildo.

A Chin Dildo is a versatile sex toy that can bring loads of fun and excitement in the bedroom. Among open-minded couples who are willing to embrace different kinds of erotic kinks to spice up their sexual relationship, a chin dildo can help overcome the usual and monotonous sex routine.

At first glance, it may look bizarre and out of the ordinary. Once you realize how crafty and functional it is, you’ll find chin dildos as a great addition to your collection.

Here’s how to start using a chin dildo;

1. Communicate With Your Partner.

Talk to your partner about how you’ll incorporate a chin dildo into your sexual routine. Consent is important for both the giver and the receiver to ensure that you’re both comfortable with the idea and amenable to it. This initial step is important to mutually come up with different ways to use the sex toy and to improvise new sex positions.

2. Wear the Straps Securely Around Your Head.

Wear the headgear before or during foreplay. Secure the straps around your head or across your face (depending on what type of straps your chin dildo has) and ensure a comfortable fit. Make sure that your chin is resting on the chin support.

If the harness has metallic buckles, make sure that the prongs are not protruding to ensure safety. Additionally, the harness should fit snugly in all areas and must not interfere with normal breathing and movements.

3. Make Sure That the Dildo Attachment Is Firmly in Place.

Check for the dildo attachment to make sure that it’s firmly attached in place. The last thing you’d want to happen is for it to move unnecessarily on either side, thereby ruining the moment.

An unsteady attachment will also make it difficult for you to manipulate the dildo through your partner while using it. So it’s important to ensure that the dildo is steady and sturdy against your chin.

4. Apply Lubricant to Your Partner’s Vagina.

To maximize comfort and pleasure, apply lubricant to your partner’s vagina. A good amount of lubrication reduces the anxiety of using a chin dildo for the first time. Ideally, a water-based lubricant is recommended because it doesn’t have a greasy after-feel, and it washes off easily.

5. Insert the Dildo in Your Partner’s Vagina.

Get into a position between your partner’s legs and gently insert the dildo in your partner’s vagina. Start with shallow penetration with gentle thrusts to turn her on, and gradually go deeper as you feel her relaxing. Be sensitive to your partner’s responses as you get down and deeper.

6. Perform Oral Sex.

As your mouth gets closer to your partner’s genitals with every thrust of the chin dildo, you may start teasing her clitoris with your tongue or mouth. The Chin Dildo is suitably designed for this purpose, which is hands-free vaginal penetration while simultaneously performing oral sex.

Different Ways to Use a Chin Dildo

All different ways to use a chin dildo.
All different ways to use a chin dildo.

Chin Dildos are versatile sex toys that you can incorporate in a variety of sexual activities. They are also suitable for heterosexual, lesbian, and gay couples. Although you may use your chin dildo any way you want to fulfill your sexual fantasies and erotic kinks, it’s important to practice consent and safety at all times. This can help you ascertain that you and your partner will have positive experiences with your sex toy.

Here are the most common uses of a Chin Dildo;

Oral Sex

A Chin Dildo is primarily designed to make oral sex more satisfying. Wear the harness and position the dildo against your chin facing front. Use it to penetrate your partner’s vagina while giving her oral sex.

“Ride Me” Position

Wear the Chin Dildo as you should and lie down on your back. The dildo should be facing up as your partner straddles on top of your head to penetrate her vagina using the chin dildo you’re wearing.

There are two variations for the “ride me” position. First, your partner may get into a straddle position facing you so she can “ride” on the dildo while you’re performing oral sex to her. And second, she may straddle and “ride” on the dildo facing your legs, similar to a 69 position, so she can bend forward to perform oral sex on you while the dildo is penetrating her vagina.

Role Reversal

In role reversal, the woman wears the Chin Dildo and penetrates her male partner anally. The partner may also shift to a suitable position that allows anal penetration with the chin dildo while stimulating the perineum and testicles with the mouth.


Among lesbians, role-playing using a Chin Dildo is a relatively common sexual routine. One wears the chin dildo to penetrate her partner’s vagina while giving her oral sex to assume a male partner’s role. Both can perform this sexual act, which allows the switching of roles between lesbian couples.


Partners can incorporate Chin Dildos in BDSM practice. The wearer may use a chin dildo with a mouth gag to initiate kinky role play and prevent him or her from talking and making sounds during the sexual activity.

Some individuals derive pleasure from a mouth gag when playing a submissive or dominant role in BDSM. It triggers helplessness and increases the anxiety level, which they find pleasurable in a BDSM scene.

Gay Anal Sex

Some variations of Chin Dildos have dildo attachments that are suitable for gay anal sex. An example is an interchangeable anal dildo attachment. And the fact that the dildo is firmly attached to the wearer’s chin through a harness makes it safe for anal play.

To use for gay anal sex, wear the chin dildo according to the instructions and penetrate your partner’s anus hands-free using the anal dildo against your chin. Get creative and come up with positions that allow simultaneous anal penetration and stimulation of the perineum and testicles.

Types of Chin Dildos

All types of chin dildos.
All types of chin dildos.

Similar to most sex toys in the market, Chin Dildos have their own share of developments and innovations. Nowadays, more and more variations are coming out, which proves the increasing number of its users.

Since the launch of the widely-known Accommodator latex dong in the sex toy market, newer models started to emerge with additional features that address various kinks, fetishes, and sexual fantasies.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular types of Chin Dildos you can explore with your partner;

Classic Chin Dildo

The classic chin dildo is the original model, consisting of a head harness, chin support, and dildo probe. This headgear can either have one or two sets of straps to secure the dildo in place. There are different sizes available for the dildo attachment depending on your preference. Some models have interchangeable dildos to allow users to shift between different sizes.

Chin Dildo With Mouth Gag

This model consists of a head harness, chin support, dildo probe, and mouth gag, usually a ball gag. It is commonly used in BDSM practices and prevents the wearer from creating sounds during sexual activity.

The mouth gag also triggers anxiety making the wearer feel helpless. It may seem very bizarre, but some individuals find it a huge turn on to see their partner drooling helplessly because of the mouth gag.

Anal Chin Dildo

An Anal Chin Dildo consists of a head harness, chin support, and a probe that’s specifically shaped and designed for anal penetration. The probe attachment could be an anal dildo or rigid anal beads, among other types of anal probes.

This variation of chin dildo is suitable for couples that have a fascination for anal play. It is, therefore, suitable for both heterosexual and same-sex couples.

Glass Chin Dildo

A Glass Chin Dildo is a variation of the classic model. However, it comes with a glass probe. This is ideal for couples that prefer a rigid glass dildo over a flexible latex dong or silicone dildo. The glass dildo attachment usually has a spiral, rib, or swirl design to add texture, which can intensify the pleasure upon penetration.

A glass dildo attachment is also advisable among couples that love to engage in temperature play because glass is resilient to temperature. It is also worth noting that glass dildos are generally considered as more hygienic and hypoallergenic than other synthetic sex toy materials.

Chin Dildo With Inflatable Mouth Gag

Couples that practice BDSM consider a chin dildo with an inflatable mouth gag as an absolute essential. It consists of a headgear, an inflatable mouth gag with a rubberized hand pump, and a dildo.

The submissive wears this extreme sex toy, which allows the dominant to take full control by increasing the level of helplessness. Pumping air into the mouth gag inflates it to increase its size, thereby filling the mouth to restrict its movements and muffle the sounds.

The drooling, anxiety and restrictions add up to the dominant’s satisfaction, which helps build the sexual arousal.

Double Cock Chin Dildo

This variation consists of a headgear with chin support, a large chin dildo to penetrate the partner, and a small dildo that works as a mouth plug for the wearer. The large chin dildo resembles the shape, size, and veiny texture of a real penis, while the mouth plug is a smaller version of it and serves as a penis gag.

This type of chin dildo promotes oral fixation, while the wearer’s mouth is stuffed with a penis-like gag. It is commonly used in BDSM practice and lesbian sex.

Where to Buy a Chin Dildo

Where to buy chin dildos from.
Where to buy chin dildos from.

Chin Dildos are relatively common sex toys widely available online and in most physical sex toy shops. Depending on the type and model you’re looking for, finding one is usually convenient and hassle-free.

However, the challenge lies in picking a quality product that’s easy to use and delivers positive experiences both for the action’s giver and receiver.

Therefore, it’s important to buy a chin dildo from a reliable sex toy seller that guarantees quality, product efficiency, and good performance. Here are some tips on how and where to buy a chin dildo.

Local Sex Toy Shop

If there’s a local sex toy shop near you, inquire about the chin dildos in stock. This would give you the chance to get up close and personal with a chin dildo and see for yourself how it looks like. At the same time, you can check out the dildo’s size or probe to determine if it’s something that you would use with your partner.

When buying a chin dildo from a local sex toy shop, make sure you’re getting a good product. Check for the quality of the material to ensure that it’s safe for body use and penetration. Most cheap sex toys have toxic elements, such as plastic and rubber, containing phthalates, which may cause harm and injury to the body tissues.

Therefore, make it a point to choose sex toys made of body-safe, non-toxic, and clinical-grade materials to avoid health risks. Here’s a tip, do some online research before going to a local sex toy shop to identify the type of product you prefer and its specifications.

Online Shops

The most convenient way to browse for a wide selection of chin dildos is by going online. There are virtually countless of choices that you can feast your eyes on. But don’t be overwhelmed when checking out different sex toys online.

The trick to landing on a good product is by identifying your own preference in terms of product type, brand, and price range. This can narrow down your options and make it easier for you to find your ideal sex toy.

If you choose to buy a chin dildo online, you have two options where you can start your search. Let’s explore these options;

Online Selling Platforms: These include online shops like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, among many others. These sites don’t specialize in sex toys alone, but they sell almost any product that you can think of and everything else under the sun. So if you have an existing membership account with any of these online selling platforms, you may start your search here.

Online Sex Toys Shops: These are specialty shops that specialize in sex toys alone, such as The products are well organized according to categories to make the search easier.

You may navigate through the shop to discover chin dildos at discounted prices, various best-selling sex toys, and other related products with excellent customer reviews. Shopping is a breeze because all the listed products are the best of the best in the market.

When buying a chin dildo online, make sure to check for the following value-added features and services to ensure a pleasant shopping experience;

  • Legit and High-Quality Sex Toys.
  • Reasonable Prices with Discounts.
  • Secure Billing System.
  • Discreet Billing and Packaging.
  • Fast and Worldwide Shipping.
  • Reliable Customer Service.
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