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Frequently Asked Questions

What is committed to is the web platform that will help you decide which kind of adult sex toy it's the right fit for you. The team behind exposes only the best items that are a good match for our criteria when picking the best sex toys in the market. Quality and price ratio is what we aim for when exposing the best products on our site.

How are we able to provide better prices?

Throughout the years has become the largest review site for adult toys industry, with thousands of readers and visitors around the globe we have the biggest exposure when it comes to a client buying an adult item. is able to provide readers and visitors with big discounted prices because the manufacturers or businesses under each adult company provides us with a big discount in order for our readers get attracted to their product. Sometimes this discount might be lower than the official manufacturer websites' pricing, but the reason behind it it's that because it's exposed at no cost in it's a marketing expense for them that they're saving so they reflect that with the discounts we're able to provide.

How to add a product to

First, thank you for considering as the platform to expose your product massively. Now, to get your product exposed to thousands of readers we need to know what makes your product different from all the other products that we're already exposing. Don't forget to our the reasons why we should include your product, among pictures of your product. If we believe it's something that might be interesting for our readers we'd request or buy your product for a simple test. Once we finish with reviewing your item, then in a timeframe of 2-3 weeks we'd be deciding if we will or not include your product into our top 10 items of the category where your product belongs.

How can i publish articles for

If you're a talented writer, we'd be more than grateful if you submit your topic ideas to, we'd be more than happy to have your content along with your bio shared on our site! We're looking forward to read from you!

How generates income?, might generate a small commission if a visitor decided to purchase an item. The item on the official site will not increase the price of the item, but it will actually be reduced because of the discounts we have available for all our readers. The commission is granted by the company were you're sent to when decided to purchase. 95% of items exposed in do not generate any income because we're mostly focused on providing a better user shopping experience and better pricing.

How often are the updates on the best sex toys lists?

We're constantly updating our platform with new products, or positions on the rankings of best adult products. For example the last update made on one of our list was: Jun 17, 2024

Where is located?

We're located in 650 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108 that's the address of our main office that's being used for the founders, main developer and main designer. But our team mostly works from our warehouse in San Francisco, CA.

Are there any advertisement opportunities?

Yes! We do offer advertisement opportunities, simply contact to get all the information required.