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Realistic Sex Dolls

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Best 8 Realistic Sex Dolls in 2024

YokiDoll Real Love Doll Image
YokiDoll Real Love Doll
5 Stars Rating(136)

Height: 5.18ft

Vagina Depth: 7.09 inches

Anal Depth: 5.91 inches

Oral Depth: 6.1 Inches

Accessories Included: Many

$599.99 $539.99
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Super Realistic Realistic Jessica Doll Image
Realistic Jessica Doll
5 Stars Rating(49)

Height: 5.4ft

Material: Premium TPE

Anal Hole: Yes

Vaginal Hole: Yes

Mouth Hole: Yes

Skeleton: Aluminum Alloy

$1,599.99 $1,418.34
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Estela SX Doll Image
Estela SX Doll
5 Stars Rating(56)

Height: 5.1ft

Material: TPE Premium

Weight: 80 lbs

Waist: 28 Inches

Bust: 35 Inches

Hips: 39 Inches

$1,999.99 $1,779.99
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Se-Love Dolly Image
Se-Love Dolly
5 Stars Rating(44)

Material: Premium TPE

Height: 5ft

Weight: 72.8 lbs

Bust: 33.5 inches

Oral: 4.7 inches

Vagina: 6.7 inches

Accessories Included: Many

$999.99 $799.99
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Solana X Image
Solana X
5 Stars Rating(56)

Eye Quality: Hi-Realism

Breast: Multiple Sizes

App Interactive: Yes

Extremely Realistic: Yes

$8,100.00 $7,999.99
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Hiroto Sexy Doll Image
Hiroto Sexy Doll
5 Stars Rating(34)

Height: 4.11ft

Material: TPE Premium

Weight: 66 lbs

Waist: 24 Inches

Bust: 32 Inches

Hips: 35 Inches

Eyes: Brown color

$2,599.99 $2,399.49
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Sexy Love Doll Image
Sexy Love Doll
5 Stars Rating(58)

Height: 5ft

Material: Premium TPE

Skeleton: Jointed Steel

Weight: 72.8 lbs.

Bust: 33.5 inches

Waist: 19.7 inches

Hips: 33.5 inches

$999.99 $799.88
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Poly-Ann Doll Image
Poly-Ann Doll
5 Stars Rating(52)

Height: 5.4ft

Material: Premium TPE

Bust: 25 inches

Hips: 30 inches

Weight: 60 lbs

Vaginal Depth: 6 inches

Anal Depth: 5 inches

$1,890.49 $1,790.19
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What Is a Realistic Sex Doll?

What a realistic sex doll is.
What a realistic sex doll is.

A realistic sex doll is a life-sized doll that is shaped like an adult human. Realistic sex dolls can be male, female, transgender, or hermaphrodite, with the limits of what the doll can look like set only by the limits of imagination and the materials used. Many companies offer a range of premade and customizable dolls to choose from.

With technological advancements, these dolls come with a range of abilities too. Some realistic sex dolls have internal heating, automated movements, facial expressions, and moans. Cutting-edge work is being done with AI to one day allow realistic sex doll robots to have customizable personalities and interactions with their users.

The purpose of realistic sex dolls can be just for fun, to explore the idea of having a threesome, to satisfy a fantasy, and even to assist in therapy. Realistic sex dolls have become cherished companions for some people who have bought them out of interest and then developed a great affection for their companion doll in a world where connecting with others on a deeper level can be very challenging.

Realistic sex dolls have increased greatly in quality and popularity over the years and now offer a great range of adult toys for full-sized pleasure.

Types of Realistic Sex Dolls

All realistic doll types.
All realistic doll types.

Not everyone wants a full-sized doll due to the complications of transportation and storage of a fully formed realistic sex doll. Because of this, the kinds of realistic sex dolls and toys are subcategorized to allow for more versatility and convenience.

1. Full Body

Lifelike and realistic, made of the highest quality, and can be fully customized. They include the whole body from head to toe.

2. Petite Sex Dolls

These adult sex dolls can still have a great level of detail and feel hyper- realistic to the touch, but their height is under 5 ft. Their reduced size allows for greater ease of storage and movability.

3. Parts

If you don’t have space for a full-body realistic sex doll, you can also buy realistic parts of the body, making it easier to move, clean, and store. Just like a dildo, these can be versatile toys easily added to your collection. Some examples of parts are:

  • Full torso ( head, chest, and genitals).
  • Lower torso (ass with operable anus and genitals).
  • Head with a face and an operable mouth, wig optional.
  • Mouth only that can be penetrated and played with.

How to Use a Realistic Sex Doll

How to use realistic sex dolls.
How to use realistic sex dolls.

You can dress the doll in any way that pleases you and position the doll as you like to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Realistic sex dolls are made anatomically correct to provide a mouth, genitals, and anus that look and feel like the real thing.

Realistic sex dolls are designed to be as realistic as possible, but they are not self-lubricating, making sure there is enough lubrication for penetration to be pleasurable. Water-based lubrication is the best choice for a realistic sex doll to protect the quality.

Whichever persuasion of realistic sex doll is your favorite, below is some advice on your first time with a full-body realistic sex doll.

Female Realistic Sex Doll

You can position your female realistic sex doll in any way you like. For the first time, try laying the doll on a bed to ensure safety and comfort. Taking the missionary position as an example, lay the doll on the bed facing your body if you want to penetrate the mouth or vagina.

Play with the breasts and touch the body as you please to fulfill your sexual urges. Position the doll with the legs open so that you can lay between them and place a hardened penis or a dildo at the entrance of the vagina. With lubrication, it will be possible to insert and remove the penis or dildo gently.

For oral sex, the realistic sex doll can also be seated. Again, position the penis or dildo in front of the doll’s lubricated mouth and gently penetrate the mouth, holding the doll’s head to move it as you please.

For anal play, lay the doll on its stomach. Position the doll to open its legs and ensure the doll’s anus is lubricated. Position the penis or dildo in front of the anus and gently insert. Thrusting should be done gently with a penis to ensure comfort and pleasure, with the desired speed and power of thrusts increased gradually.

Once you are comfortable and confident with your sex doll, explore the many different positions and possibilities your toy has to offer.

Male Realistic Sex Doll

Male realistic sex dolls can also be positioned in any way you please. They will come with a dildo that is permanently ready for action. Male realistic sex dolls also have an anatomically real mouth and anus that can be penetrated using water-based lubrication.

If you wish to penetrate the doll’s mouth, ensure it is lubricated first and then gently insert either the penis or dildo. If you want to fill the doll’s anus, lay the doll facing down and gently insert the dildo or penis into the anus. Depending on your doll’s range of motion, doggy style penetration may also be possible with the doll positioned on all fours.

To have the male sex doll penetrate you, lay the doll down on its back with it facing up. Position yourself over the doll and lower your body onto the doll’s penis at a speed that is pleasurable to you.

Any position you dream of is possible with dolls that have internal skeletons that can be moved into different positions, so if you wish to sit on the doll’s lap and be filled up by the doll, place the doll in a sitting position and lower yourself onto the doll’s lap, letting it penetrate you as you sit down.

Depending on the model and the manufacturer, you will have many different positions and fantasies come true with this love doll.

Transgender or Hermaphrodite Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic sex dolls are not limited to binary options. If a combination of genitals is desired, such as transgender or even hermaphrodite genitals, a manufacturer of realistic sex dolls can make this dream come true. These dolls are often made with models that have insertable genitals and not built-in.

This means the doll’s genitals can be removed for cleaning or simply to place a different insert into the realistic sex doll’s body. Depending on the doll you have and the genitals included, you will still be able to penetrate the doll’s lubricated mouth, vagina, and anus, or you could let the doll penetrate you.

If you have a doll with breasts and a penis, you could place the doll in a sitting position, play with the breasts and lower yourself onto the lubricated dildo of the doll at a comfortable speed of penetration for you. The use of this doll is brought to life by your fantasies and sexual desires.

What Materials Are Realistic Sex Dolls Made Of?

Realistic sex doll materials.
Realistic sex doll materials.

Externally, realistic sex dolls are most commonly made of high-grade silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and designed to look and feel as much like real skin as possible. Different companies will choose either TPE for its added softness and bounce or choose silicone for its versatility.

When deciding your own preference, remember that silicone is non-porous, so it is easier to keep clean as bacteria cannot enter silicone. TPE is porous, meaning it will be more difficult to keep a high hygiene level as bacteria can enter TPE. It is important to remember that silicone lube and other oils should not be used, as they will negatively affect a silicone sex doll.

Internally, realistic sex dolls that can be moved into different positions and hold those positions have a metal skeleton. Depending on the doll’s model, there can be other mechanics that allow for heating in the genitals, facial expressions, and even limited levels of speech.

How to Clean a Realistic Sex Doll

How to clean realistic sex dolls.
How to clean realistic sex dolls.

A shower with soap and warm, not hot water is the simplest and potentially even the most erotic way of making sure your new life-like toy stays clean. If your doll contains any electronics such as heating or automated movement, don’t submerge it and use a soft cloth to apply soapy water and then rinse it off.

For orifices, use your shower head or a sponge to flush out these hard-to-reach places. Some love dolls are sold with detachable parts that can be removed to be cleaned, so if this is something that concerns you consider purchasing a doll with detachable parts such as genital inserts.

Another vital point to remember is that you will be coming into direct, intimate contact with this doll, so any cleaning products used should be products that you could put on your own skin too. As a realistic sex doll is an investment, make sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer as they will have specific requirements to best ensure the longevity of your realistic sex doll.

Finally, be careful when cleaning, as physically scrubbing the details on a realistic sex doll too hard could damage or remove the tints and artwork that has created its realistic look.

What to Consider When Buying Your Realistic Sex Doll

Considerations when buying realistic sex dolls.
Considerations when buying realistic sex dolls.

There are many reasons and motivations for getting a realistic sex doll and many fun fantasies that can be brought to life, but as the level of detail and added features increase, so does the cost.

Considering the following points can help you make the best choice for your first realistic sex doll.

1. Size and Maneuverability

Full-sized realistic sex dolls are fantastic in many ways, but they do require the same amount of space as an adult human, and they can weigh up to approximately 66 pounds.

If you are considering getting a realistic sex doll but would like to try out something a little smaller and less costly, there are torso sex toys that give the physical pleasure of a realistic sex doll and can help you decide if you want to graduate to a full-body toy.

Due to their smaller size and an average weight of 11 – 33 pounds, they may also be better suited to someone who cannot lift and manipulate a full-body realistic sex toy easily.

2. Fetishes and Fantasies

A realistic sex doll does not have to be limited to what the human body is typically capable of. For example, if you would love to experience penetration while playing with beautiful feet, companies such as Sinthetics have created the Vajankle – it allows penetration of the ankle of a realistic foot.

Other popular options are fantasy sex dolls that replicate anime characters’ supple appearance or magical creatures such as elves. If you invest in a realistic sex doll and keep this doll’s company for quite some time, it is worth making your wildest dreams come true, so search for the perfect realistic sex toys.

3. Detachable Parts

Base models of realistic sex dolls are complete dolls with built-in genitals and body parts that cannot be removed or changed. More customizable models can have multiple detachable and re-attachable parts. One great feature to consider is a detachable head. This can allow you to have different “partners” all in one doll.

If you wish to detach or even change out the genitals for different options, there are models of realistic sex dolls that can be fitted with various sets of genitals. This can be more costly, but if the doll is going to be a central feature of your sex life and you want customizability, it will save you from purchasing a full new doll with the other features you desire.

How Much Does a Realistic Sex Doll Cost?

How much a realistic sex doll costs.
How much a realistic sex doll costs.

Depending on the level of detail and the number of unique features and capabilities, the price increases considerably. Below are 6 online stores with realistic sex dolls and realistic sex toys to give a range of costs and options available. 

  1. Sexy Dolls: offers hyper-realistic sex doll parts such as lower body torsos. $210.26
  2. Silicone Wives: has a realistic sex doll upper torso for those who want to try a lower cost, smaller in size realistic sex doll. $999 
  3. RealDoll: The ReadlDoll classic is a customizable realistic sex doll with great added features like a magnetic face for interchangeability. $3,999
  4. Next Level Loves: A range of different brands are available, with female realistic sex dolls starting at $1,100 and male realistic sex dolls starting at $1,823. The transgender doll is $1,899.
  5. Fine Love Dolls: A huge range of realistic sex dolls and options to customize them, starting at $1,899.
  6. Sinthetics: The basic female doll starts at $6,400, the basic male doll at $6,750 with custom bodies starting at $25,000.
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YokiDoll Real Love Doll image

YokiDoll Real Love Doll

5 stars (136)
$539.99 Details
Realistic Jessica Doll image

Realistic Jessica Doll

5 stars (49)
$1,418.34 Details
Estela SX Doll image

Estela SX Doll

5 stars (56)
$1,779.99 Details
Se-Love Dolly image

Se-Love Dolly

5 stars (44)
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Solana X image

Solana X

5 stars (56)
$7,999.99 Details
Hiroto Sexy Doll image

Hiroto Sexy Doll

5 stars (34)
$2,399.49 Details
Sexy Love Doll image

Sexy Love Doll

5 stars (58)
$799.88 Details
Poly-Ann Doll image

Poly-Ann Doll

5 stars (52)
$1,790.19 Details