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Best 10 Card Games in 2024

Sell Fast Choose Your Pleasure Image

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Choose Your Pleasure
5 Stars Rating(218)

Game Type: Card Deck

$33.59 $13.59
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Strip Bedroom Blackjack Image

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Strip Bedroom Blackjack
5 Stars Rating(160)
$28.99 $8.99
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50 Positions of Bondage Cards Image
50 Positions of Bondage Cards
5 Stars Rating(229)
$29.99 $9.99
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Sex Position Card Deck (50 Cards) Image
Sex Position Card Deck (50 Cards)
5 Stars Rating(247)
$39.99 $19.99
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Fetish IOU Cards (50 Pack) Image
Fetish IOU Cards (50 Pack)
5 Stars Rating(249)
$27.19 $7.19
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Kama Sutra Memory Match Game Image
Kama Sutra Memory Match Game
5 Stars Rating(137)
$25.39 $5.39
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Bedroom Commands Cards Image
Bedroom Commands Cards
5 Stars Rating(123)
$27.99 $7.99
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Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game (3 Piece) Image
Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game (3 Piece)
5 Stars Rating(239)
$39.99 $19.99
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Nookii Image

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5 Stars Rating(364)

Game Type: Many

$33.2 $13.20
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All Night Love Affair Image

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All Night Love Affair
5 Stars Rating(169)

Game Type: Many

$36.99 $16.99
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Daily obligations and kids can make sex take a backseat. By the end of the day, it is easy to be exhausted and too tired to even get into bed, much less take the work necessary to turn on your partner and get things going in the dark. Sometimes it is just too hard to think of new and exciting things to try when it comes to sex, and the luster of the relationship seems to fail.

If this sounds like your relationship, then it may be time to consider a deck of sex cards. This is the perfect sex game consisting of simple cards that are perfect for spicing up your love life, allowing partners to slow things down and have some fun with sex, taking all of the mundane out of it. Let’s take a look at how this deck of sex cards works and why you need to add them to your routine.

What Are Sex Card Games?

What is a sex card game?

A sex card game is simply a deck of cards with different sexual acts or foreplay suggestions on them. The idea is for the couple to take out the deck and then participate in the act on the card they pull out. Both partners take time going back and forth, taking turns pulling out cards and performing the act on one another.

The couple can choose how far they would like to take the game. But this is a fantastic way to add some more spark to the relationship and makes sex more fun for both parties. It can take you out of the box, allowing both parties to try something new and get things heated up, rather than just jumping right into the act with nothing to prepare.

There are no rules for these games. Some decks may come with a few suggestions and different ways to play. However, the couple can choose how they want to play and can mix things up. The point is to have fun, try things out even if they seem scary or unusual, and get the hat up before having sex. There are even different types of sex cards, so you and your partner can choose the right one for your needs.

Where to Buy a Deck of Sex Cards

Places where you can buy a deck of sex cards.
Where can you buy a deck of sex cards.

The best place to purchase a deck of these cards is online. This helps you keep the information more discreet from prying eyes and offers you more options than some of the local stores you may want to shop. Many online stores offer these, including Amazon, Zazzle, and more. If there is a specific brand that you want to purchase, doing a quick online search is the best option.

It is also possible to find these decks at a sex store in your area. These can allow you to look over the deck a little more than you can with the online decks. However, since these sex stores are a little harder to get to depending on where you live, and you may need to worry about others seeing you in those stores, most couples decide that purchasing a deck online is the best option.

What’s the Purpose of Sex Card Games?

Sex card game purposes.
Sex card game purposes.

The purpose of sex card games is to make sex fun again. Between working and children and other obligations, it is easy to fall into a routine when it comes to having sex. It is done because it is expected, but one or more partners is not feeling the spark anymore and would rather do something else.

Lovemaking is so important to your relationship, for both the man and woman. With a deck of six cards, you can turn sex time into fun time again. And it does not have to be complicated. Just get a deck and follow the instructions on the card. As soon as you can’t handle it any longer, throw the cards down and get under the covers!

Sex Card Game Benefits

Benefits of playing sex card games.
What are the benefits of playing sex card games?

Playing a deck of sex cards is meant to be a lot of fun. It allows you a chance to take the mundane out of your lovemaking and turn it into something fun again. Some of the benefits of using sex card games include:

  1. Help get you out of your comfort zone
  2. It slows down the process to get both people excited
  3. It makes the act fun, rather than an obligation
  4. It makes both parties try something new
  5. It may help someone too shy to ask for a specific act get a chance to try it.
  6. Adds more sizzle to your love life.

No matter why you choose to try out a sex card game, it is a fantastic way to help you and your partner connect on a whole new level. If sex has become a chore and you feel the only purpose is to get it done quickly, they trying a sex card game can turn things around and make it fun for both sides.

The Benefits of More Sex

All benefits of more sex.
All the benefits of more sex.

One of the main reasons couples decide to pull out these sex card games is to help them have sex more often. Their love life may be fizzling out, or they want to try something new. Having sex more often, which is the natural conclusion of these sex card games, leads to a variety of health benefits, including:

  1. Eases stress: Feel how quickly stress can run away when you have sex and intimate time with your partner more often.
  2. Boosts your mood: Oxytocin, which is produced when you have sex, can promote happiness.
  3. It helps you sleep better: Couples who have more sex tend to sleep better at night, which helps them get more done and feel more in the mood more often.
  4. Improves your heart health: It may seem strange, but having sex is good for your heart. Not only does it make stress go away, which can be harmful to your heart, but it puts you in a good mood and is great physical exercise.
  5. Promotes a closer connection between the couple: Sex is a great way for the couple to bond and has a closer connection. When you add in a sexy game, it is even better for both parties!

Acts in a Sex Card Game Deck

All the acts in a sex deck.
All the acts in a sex deck.

The number of acts that are in a deck will depend on which deck you plan to use. Many will have enough acts to help you get things hot and steamy, but not so many that you will play all day. If you and your partner are willing to push the envelope a little and have fun, it is unlikely that you will get very far in the deck before your natural urges take over.

It is common for each deck to have between 12 to 20 different acts on them. You can continue with the deck and do them each more than once if you would like. Some decks are even bigger than that if you want to make sure you keep things fresh for longer. You can even spend time doing the act to the other when you pull it out to prolong the game.

How to Play Sex Card Games

Instructions on how to play a sex card game.
Instructions on how to play sex card games.

Each sex card game is a little different, but they have the same goal at the end; continue to play together and tease each other until you both give in to the passion. That makes it the best game of all; no one loses! Some simple deck of sex card rules include:

1. Shuffle the Deck.

Grab your deck of sex cards and get to shuffling. No peaking! Part of the fun of doing this with your partner is to make it a surprise. No one gets to choose which action they do. The point is to go with the luck of the draw and pull out whatever card comes out. Have fun with all the surprises and a few new moves to get each other hot and ready to go.

2. Hand Them Out.

After shuffling, each partner gets five cards each. The rest of the deck needs to go between both of you. After each turn, you can draw from the deck. Don’t worry about how large the deck may look or how many actions you need to get through. The game is done as soon as both of you are ready for sex.

3. Draw a Sexy Card and “Play” It.

Whoever goes first will draw one of the sexy cards before they play one of their choices. If you have several in your hand, do the one you like first. Do the action on the body part indicated, and then place it face up in the discard pile.

4. Take Turns.

After one partner gets a turn, it is time for the other partner. This is a game of back and forth. Each partner will get their turn, doing an action of the card to the other partner until both are done with the foreplay and ready for the main event!

5. Make It Your Own.

The cards are there for suggestions. This means that you can have some fun and mix things up. If there is a special way you want to do the cards or a new action that you want to add into the mix, then go for it.

These sex cards are a unique experience that is meant to bring you and your partner together and up the steam level before sex. Some decks make this easier by leaving a few cards blank so you can add in your special actions to make it even more fun.

How Much Does a Deck of Sex Cards Cost?

What is the price of a deck of sex cards.
What is the price of a deck of sex cards.

There are different types of sex cards that you can choose from. It depends on any specialty you get with the deck, any special rules, and the company that makes it. If you want some basic sex cards, it is possible to spend between $10 to $20 on the whole deck. Some decks have more special moves and even different options that can cost $50 or more. Choose the deck that works best for you.

Are There Different Types of Sex Card Games?

All types of sex card games.
All types of sex card games.

Most sex card games are going to be similar to one another. The whole idea is to help the couple try something new and exciting and help spice up their love life. It is easy to fall into a rut with your sex life, doing the same things again and again. Sometimes a partner may feel like the other one does not care or that they just have to be ready to go because otherwise, sex would never happen. Others may worry that the spark has gone out. And still, others want to have more fun with sex.

These sex card games can make it easier to spend time with your partner and have fun with sex. Each one may have different actions than others, and a few advertise themselves as extra frisky for partners who want to take it to the next level. But all of them are designed to help improve your sex life by making it more fun.

When to Play Sex Card Games

When to play with sex card games.
When to play with sex card games.

You can choose to play a sex card game any time that you would like. Some couples do it to spice up their love life, and others just like to do it on occasion. Pick a night when you have some time, either a date night or a time when both of you are in the mood, and go ahead and play.

How to Choose a Deck of Sex Cards

How to pick a deck of sex cards.
How to pick a deck of sex cards.

Sex cards are a great way to spice up your love life. It is easy for you and your partner to choose the right deck for your needs and make any modifications based on what helps you and your partner get in the mood for a good time. Explore and see what deck of sex cards is right for you.

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