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Best 10 Sexy Costumes in 2024

LoveHoney Fantasy Nightshift Nurse Costume Image

2 Images2

LoveHoney Fantasy Nightshift Nurse Costume
5 Stars Rating(147)

Fastening: Zip

Fabric: Sheer

$56.99 $36.99
Sold Out
Deluxe French Maid Costume Image

2 Images2

Deluxe French Maid Costume
5 Stars Rating(230)

Fabric: Satin

$54.99 $34.99
Sold Out
Schoolgirl Bustier Set with Garters Image

3 Images3

Schoolgirl Bustier Set with Garters
5 Stars Rating(268)

Fabric: Polyester

$49.99 $29.99
Buy Now
Schoolgirl Tie Top and Skirt Set Image

4 Images4

Schoolgirl Tie Top and Skirt Set
5 Stars Rating(270)

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

$56.99 $36.99
Sold Out
Brand X A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set Image

2 Images2

Brand X A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set
5 Stars Rating(150)

Fastening: Zip

Fabric: Wet Look

$62.99 $42.99
Sold Out
Maid Set with Open Cup Bra Image

2 Images2

Maid Set with Open Cup Bra
5 Stars Rating(217)

Fastening: Clip

Fabric: Lace

$56.99 $36.99
Buy Now
Schoolgirl Tie Top and Skirt Set Image

2 Images2

Schoolgirl Tie Top and Skirt Set
5 Stars Rating(344)

Fastening: Zip

Fabric: Nylon

$64.99 $44.99
Sold Out
Fever Metallic Red Catsuit Image

2 Images2

Fever Metallic Red Catsuit
5 Stars Rating(190)

Fastening: Zip

Fabric: Wet Look

$64.99 $44.99
Sold Out
Great Deal Fantasy Flight Attendant Image

2 Images2

Fantasy Flight Attendant
5 Stars Rating(223)

Fastening: Lace-up

Fabric: Fishnet

$43.99 $23.99
Sold Out
Air Hostess Costume Image

2 Images2

Air Hostess Costume
5 Stars Rating(179)

Fabric: Polyester

$64.99 $44.99
Sold Out
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What Is a Sexy Costume?

What sexy costumes are.
What a sexy costume is.

A sexy costume is a provocative and sexually suggestive outfit that is useful in attracting people or your partner. One of the most important purposes of wearing a sexy costume is to get attention and draw people’s admiration. When worn in the bedroom, it can set the mood for a sensual role-playing session that eventually leads to hot and passionate sex.

For obvious reasons, wearing a sexy and seductive costume offers the perfect opportunity to be anyone you want to be, no matter how absurd the idea is.

Sexy costumes serve a lot of other purposes, aside from creating a seductive aura for the wearer. They can satisfy sexual fantasies, enchant and lure a lover, and allow the wearer to assume her dream character at a costume party or social event.

A sexy costume could be anything that depicts a famous supernatural character, a sexy professional in uniform, or a familiar cartoon figure, among other creative ideas.

Moreover, wearing a sexy costume can set the mood for a wild night at a party and in the bedroom. It is the perfect opportunity to step back from your comfort zone and usual personality and assume a different character and just have fun with it. Apparently, what women wear symbolizes what they are passionate about – or things that they playfully imagine.

Common Uses of Sexy Costumes

Common uses of some sexy costumes.
Common uses of some sexy costumes.

Men and women enjoy wearing sexy costumes in different environments and for specific purposes. Let’s find out where and for what reasons people decide to use sexy costumes.

The following are the most common uses of Sexy Costumes.

1. Costume Play or “Cosplay”.

According to costume players, also known as “cosplayers”, wearing sexy costumes is a form of performance art wherein the clothes they wear, and the accessories that go with it represent a specific character. For such enthusiasts, sexy costumes create opportunities for them to boost their confidence, develop their personality, and express themselves freely. Cosplay events are regularly organized in different parts of the world wherein the participants showcase their costumes as a form of art and distinctive fashion.

2. Bedroom Play.

In bedroom play, sexy costumes can be anything from sexy lingerie to a housemaid’s uniform. Other examples are BDSM costumes that create the distinction between the submissive and the dominant, sexy versions of uniforms that depict a profession like a nurse or a policewoman, and a variety of slutty housewife costumes to seduce your partner. Sexy costumes for bedroom play are meant to spice up a couple’s sexual relationship and to break free from the monotony of routine sex.

3. Costume Parties.

Women love to dress to impress when attending costume events such as Halloween parties and rave parties. For such social shindigs, sexy costumes are a must for ladies, especially those who love flaunting their bodies to party hard, score dates, flirt, and attract men. And in such circumstances, the occasion itself serves as an excuse and a perfect reason to wear a sexy costume while having other intentions in mind.

Types of Sexy Costumes

All types of sexy costumes.
All types of sexy costumes.

In its simplest sense, a sexy costume allows you to assume a character and perform different activities from your usual and everyday life. Therefore, if you feel far from sexy and unattractive in your day-to-day outfit and lifestyle, wearing a fancy and sexy costume can be an empowering and uplifting way to start feeling good about yourself.

While a sexy costume is not something that you can wear on regular occasions, it can give you that much-needed moment to enjoy yourself and break free from your typical routine and outfit. Where? That’s within the privacy of your bedroom and with your partner as your exclusive spectator.

Here are some examples of sexy costumes that you can play and have fun with. Wear them at a costume party or in the bedroom to surprise your partner for an erotic night of role-playing action.

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is not all about scary and out-of-this-world costumes. It can also be the perfect opportunity to dress up as a seductive vixen, a sexy pirate, or a shapely ninja. Anything is acceptable, even if you show some skin and get wild with your costume. Nobody would dare to draw the line between what’s acceptable and what’s over the edge.

Top choices of Halloween costumes are curvy catsuit (a top favorite among women), sexy cheerleader, demanding police officer, edgy military jumpsuit, Poison Ivy suit, Supergirl, horny miss devil, and revealing black widow dress.

Sexy Nurse Costume

Be a real sweetheart and wear a sexy nurse costume with a neckline that’s low enough to showcase your cleavage. It usually comes with a short skirt, a classic nurse’s apron, a hair dress, fishnet stockings, and a playful stethoscope.

There are many other variations depending on how sexy you’d want to be. A sexy nurse’s costume is a playful way to seduce your man at home and treat him like your hot and hunky VIP patient.

Sexy Cop Costume

Put on some act and play the role of a sexy policewoman in a provocative cop costume. Turn your man into the bad guy as you punish him with your sexually-suggestive moves and lustful punishments. A sexy cop costume consists of your fantasy cop dress with a low neckline, police hat, belt, handcuffs, badge, and police accessories.

It’s a fun way for you to take control, give commands, and get your man to follow your bedroom orders.

Sexy Pirate Costume

Dress up as a sexy pirate and let your man play as your captive. This sexy costume usually comes with a vest, lace-up details, off-shoulder pantsuit or dress, hip sash and belt with a distinctive pirate’s buckle, and a tricorne hat.

To complete the look, put on a pair of boots, carry an imitation sword or toy gun, and wear a cross-body pouch. A sexy pirate costume is always a hit in most costume parties because there are many ways you can add details to it.

Sexy Bunny Costume

Cute, flirtatious, and sexy are the best ways to describe the iconic sexy bunny costume with long foldable ears and a soft plush tail. You may choose between a classic style and a tuxedo type. Everyone loves a sexy vixen, so wear your gloves, fishnet stockings, and leg suspenders to complete the sexy and naughty look.

Sexy Angel Costume

Play the role of a sexy angel in distress who just fell from the skies and seduce your man with an innocent and angelic smile. This costume is all you’ll ever need to make him believe that angels and heaven do exist. A sexy angel costume comes in a tight bodysuit with white stockings, leg accessories, halo, and a pair of feathery angel’s wings.

On a more sinful note, wouldn’t it be sexier and far more exciting to play the role of a dark and maleficent angel? Trade the pristine white jumpsuit into a black devious short dress with black wings and black halo to achieve that bad and misbehaving look.

For a touch of glam, let your hair hang loose and wear a deep-colored lipstick. This look is enough to convey to your man just how wild and aggressive you want to be in bed.

Twisted Sexy Nun Costume

Break the rules and get sinfully sexy with a twisted, sexy nun costume. This may seem like an unconventional costume that’s bound to get a lot of attention (and criticisms). However, it might exactly be what you need to add a little faith in your naughty role-playing session with your guy.

You can actually have him tightly wrapped around your body as he confesses his sins and begs for your blessing. Enjoy playing a nun’s role with bad habits in this naughty costume and let you guy whisper all his prayers to you on your command.

Sexy Anime Costume

If you’re fascinated with the curvy and voluptuous bodies of iconic anime characters, dress the part and get ready to satisfy your partner’s fantasies. You can be Ezra Scarlet of Fairy Tail, Rias Gremory of Highschool DXD, or Ikaros of Sora no Otoshimono, among many others.

Check out the hottest female anime characters to see whose body features closely resemble yours – that would mean full breasts, slim waistline, and sexy legs. And even if you’re on the heavy side, sexy anime costumes are flattering and elaborate enough to make your imagination (and your partner’s sex drive) run wild.

How Much Does a Sexy Costume Cost?

How much do sexy costumes cost?
How much do sexy costumes cost?

Sexy costumes come in a whole bunch of variety. The price range depends primarily on the quality and quantity of the material, the complexity of the design, and the accessories that go with it. And because there are massive choices of sexy costumes available in the market, the price range varies to a great extent as well.

Basically, making a choice depends on your budget requirements, fixation to a specific type of costume, and how daring you intend to be. Here’s a friendly tip from the BestSexToys team; if you intend to wear a costume that’s totally out of your personality, you might as well go all the way to surprise everyone – especially that person you’re trying to win over.

Here’s a price list of sexy costumes.

  • Fantasy Flight Attendant: Price starts at $30.00
  • Sexy Catwoman Costume (Polyester or Wet Look): $40.00 to $80.00 (Includes cat ears headpiece, mask, belt, and whip)
  • Sexy French Maid Costume: $40.00 to $60.00 (Includes duster and accessories)
  • Sexy School Girl Costume: $30.00 to $50.00
  • Faux Leather BDSM Costume: $30.00 to $50.00
  • Fantasy Nurse: $30.00 to $50.00
  • Sexy Disney Princess Lingerie: Price starts at $30.00
  • Fantasy Police Woman Costume: $40.00 to $60.00
  • Sexy Gangster Costume: $30.00
  • Sexy Dancer Costume: $30.00
  • Sexy Moulin Rouge Corset: $40.00 to $60.00
  • Sexy Anime Costume: Price Starts at $40.00
  • Premium Outfit for Sexy Cosplay: $70.00 to $200.00
  • Dreamgirl Harem Slave Costume: $30.00
  • Sexy Working Girl Slip: $30.00
  • Sexy Lingerie Bodysuit: Price Starts at $20.00

Where to Buy Sexy Costumes

Where to get your sexy costumes from.
Where to get your sexy costumes from.

Sexy costumes are available online, in novelty shops, selected department stores, sex toy stores, and at Apparently, it’s not that difficult to find a seller for sexy costumes because they are all over. The challenge lies in finding the perfect costume that you’d love to wear.

And often, there’s more to an actual costume that you require aside from its character. These include fine and elaborate details, material, accessories, a flattering fit on your body, and its overall impact. After all, a sexy costume is meant to attract attention and draw a lot of interest.

Here are some ideas on where to start searching for your sexy costume.

1. Online Shops

If you’re targeting a specific look and mood for your costume, the best way to start your search is online. Most online selling platforms offer a wide range of choices, from sexy anime characters to uniforms all the way to BDSM suits (bondage suits). You also have the option to choose your accessories, headbands, and masks.

For high-quality sexy costumes that perfectly complement a wild and naughty role-playing sex with your partner, you may browse through’s top picks. Our costumes are made of the best materials and guarantee comfort and sheer sexiness. We have an exciting line of sexy outfits for women that complement different body types with a wearer flattering effect.

More importantly, we’ve specifically handpicked the most top-selling sexy costumes that women love. These outfits are all made of the finest materials with superior workmanship to ensure absolute satisfaction and comfort for the wearer.

2. Local Shops and Department Stores

Most physical shops and department stores have a novelty section where they sell specialty items such as sexy costumes. If you’re quite uncertain about what to wear, you can visit a local shop to check out their available costumes for women.

This will also allow you to try them out and feel the material against your body. Seeing yourself wearing the actual costume is a convincing way to decide if it’s the right character for you.

Other physical stores you can check out are local sex toy shops. Amidst the vibrators, dildos, and anal sex toys also comes an amazing line of complementing products like BDSM costumes, slinky lingerie, sexy uniforms, and sex accessories. To complete the look, you’ll also find masks, headbands, corsets, handcuffs, and whips.

What to Consider When Buying a Sexy Costume

Considerations when buying a sexy costume.
Considerations when buying a sexy costume.

Whether you’re aiming for a seemingly innocent look or a bombshell aura, it’s important to pay attention to certain elements when buying a sexy costume. Remember that you’re trying to portray a character, and you have to be suitably dressed for that part. Therefore, it’s important to wear your costume with confidence, ease, and conviction to make it all worthwhile.

These are the most important factors to consider when buying a sexy costume;

1. How It Fits Your Body.

Focus on your best assets. Not every woman is well gifted with a perfect body and slender form. So when choosing a costume, pick something that highlights your assets and conceals your problem areas. Wearing a costume that fits you well and puts a lot of emphasis on your best physical attributes contribute to confidence, impact, and irresistible aura.

2. Comfort.

Wearing a sexy costume should not bring loads of discomfort to your body. Remember that you’re trying to attract attention and seduce your man. So the last thing that you’d want to happen is for him to see you struggling and having trouble with your costume.

Looking good should not compromise your free movement and comfort, so pick a costume that you can wear long enough to drive your man crazy and beg for you to get on the bed with him.

3. Sexy Elements.

A sexy costume should be exactly what it is – sexy and revealing. When choosing a costume for a night of dirty role-playing with your partner, pay attention to the elements that add up to its sexiness. It could be some lacy details, a sweetheart neckline that highlights the cleavage, stockings with leg suspenders, sheer fabric, or slinky design that leaves very little to the imagination.

Whatever design you choose, stick to the fact that your sexy costume should, by all means, serve its main purpose, which is to drive your man crazy for you.

4. Accuracy.

Your sexy costume should accurately or closely depict the character you’re trying to play, whether fictional or realistic. It would be embarrassing to choose a costume that draws confusion instead of interest. Don’t make people guess. Instead, let your costume reveal clearly and exactly who and what you are trying to portray.

For example, if you’re dressing up as a nurse, you have to look exactly like a provocative nurse that’s sexually-suggestive enough to make every patient want to pin you down on the bed. So don’t do it half-heartedly by covering up. Always go for a costume that has all the accurate details of the character that you’re depicting.

5. Quality.

A sexy costume deserves good quality and excellent workmanship, especially on the crucial details that define its character. Make sure to choose a costume that has elaborate details and made of high-quality materials.

The worst thing that could happen to you while wearing your costume is encountering a wardrobe malfunction that can ruin the moment in a flash.

Why Women Love to Dress Up in Sexy Costumes

Women love to dress up sexy costumes.
Women love to dress up sexy costumes.

Costumes are good for other reasons other than costume parties and fancy dress-up events. Research suggests that couples looking for ways to crank up the heat in the bedroom resort to wearing seductive ensembles to carry out this task. And men like the idea of seeing their partners in sexy costumes. It brings something new to their sexual routine, and it’s a healthy way to experiment and feed the imagination.

Here are the top reasons why women love wearing sexy costumes;

1. To Play Dress-Up.

Women love to dress up sexy costumes because it allows them to portray their dream role and feel desirable. Nowadays, dresses got shorter, tighter, and naughtier. Adult costume manufacturers are starting to design a wider variety of sexy costumes for women that reveal more skin than they actually cover. And women love the idea of being labeled as sexy and alluring while flaunting their fishnet stockings, leg suspenders, body-hugging outfits, and miniskirts.

2. To Make a Surprising Statement.

An example is during Halloween parties. Halloween is a once-a-year event wherein women can dress any way they want, and no one can say anything about it. Because that’s what sexy costumes are all about. Therefore, such an occasion offers an opportunity to wear lesser clothes and surprise everyone with it.

3. To Seduce Their Partners.

A lot of couples agree that sex is one of the most important factors that keep a relationship burning. And for women who intend to keep their men under their spell for a long time, playing every role that men fantasize about is the key. Sexy costumes allow women to assume different roles for their partners.

Examples are; naughty wife, horny girlfriend, irresistible colleague, and sexy mistress (among many others) just to keep things interesting in the bedroom.

4. To Intensify Sexy Role-Playing.

Women fantasize about certain things, just like how men do. This makes sexy costumes essential for role-playing because they create a foundation for a hot night of sex.

Examples of fantasies are; a kinky nurse seducing a doctor, an aggressive policewoman apprehending a hunky guy, a housemaid who’s eyeing her master, or a curious school girl luring her teacher. Given such hot scenarios, naughty fantasies can indeed come to life with the right costumes.

5. To Get Attention.

Women aiming to win over and please a guy would find all means to get his attention. And a revealing costume might do the trick to score a date, earn his interest, or get him on the bed for a steamy encounter. Such intentions may be over-the-board, but there’s no denying the fact that modern women are always in it to win it. So a sexy costume might be the perfect accessory to commit the perfect crime.

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