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Best 10 Sex Dice in 2024

Sell Fast Ultimate Roll Bedroom  Sex Image

2 Images2

Ultimate Roll Bedroom Sex
5 Stars Rating(141)

Material: Hard Plastic

$28.99 $8.99
Buy Now
Fantastic Foreplay Image

2 Images2

Fantastic Foreplay
5 Stars Rating(229)

Allergens: Latex-Free

$49.99 $29.99
Buy Now
Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game Image
Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game
5 Stars Rating(167)

Material: Hard Plastic

$32.99 $12.99
Sold Out
Sexopoly Board Game Image
Sexopoly Board Game
5 Stars Rating(143)
$52.99 $32.99
Buy Now
Fifty Shades of Grey Play Nice Kinky Dice for Coup Image
Fifty Shades of Grey Play Nice Kinky Dice for Coup
5 Stars Rating(301)

Material: Hard Plastic

$22.99 $2.99
Sold Out
Oral Fun Board Game Image

2 Images2

Oral Fun Board Game
5 Stars Rating(169)
$39.99 $19.99
Buy Now
Lovehoney Oh! Foreplay Dice (3 Pack) Image
Lovehoney Oh! Foreplay Dice (3 Pack)
5 Stars Rating(239)

Material: Hard Plastic

$27.99 $7.99
Buy Now
Lovehoney Position of the Week Dice Image
Lovehoney Position of the Week Dice
5 Stars Rating(132)

Material: Hard Plastic

$27.99 $7.99
Buy Now
Bondage Seductions Image

3 Images3

Bondage Seductions
5 Stars Rating(255)

Game Type: Many

$49.99 $29.99
Buy Now
Oral Sex Dice (3 Pack) Image
Oral Sex Dice (3 Pack)
5 Stars Rating(210)

Material: Hard Plastic

$27.99 $7.99
Buy Now
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What Are Sex Dice?

What are sex dice?
What it is.

Every sexual partnership has its ups and downs. When things begin to lose their luster in the bedroom, partners may wish to bring certain aids into the bed. The sex toys available on the market are endless and only limited to the participants’ personal boundaries and desires. Sex dice may be one such toy to add that necessary spark.

Sex dice are great foreplay or intercourse aid. Instead of having numbers or dots, the faces of sex dice might contain certain words or images intended to heighten arousal during foreplay or sex. Some sex dice games come with multiple added features, play variations, and props to enhance your time together.

Types of Sex Dice

Sex dice types.
Sex dice types.

Many years ago, what started as a single die with different positions has since morphed into a market with several variations of sex dice to choose from. Having an idea of what’s available before you set out to make your first purchase could make the whole ordeal a lot less daunting.

Sex Dice Variation 1

Comes with two dice. One die will tell the person who rolled the dice what action to do, and the other die will tell them what body part on the recipient to do it too.

Sex Dice Variation 2

It also comes with two dice. One of the dice are images of different sex positions, and the other dice might have a time limit ranging from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

Sex Dice Variation 3

This type of sex dice game may come in either of the previous variations with a third die that indicates any type of props, such as a scarf or feather whip, to be used.

Solo Sex Dice

Solo dice might come with just a single die for an action or a second die with durations. The actions might include lightly touching the anus or using a toy on the genitals.

Group Sex Dice Game

A sex dice game intended for group play will probably be fairly similar to the standard sex dice sets. One variation in group play may be a spinner or an extra die used to indicate which partner the dice thrower is to act on.

Sex Dice Features

Features to use with sex dice.
Features to use with sex dice.

The most standard set of sex dice come with just the dice and an instruction manual. However, some high-tech versions may surprise you with a few extra features.

Board Games

Some sex dice may come with a board game to add to playing fun. The playing board may feature additional moves or elements to the game. Some versions of sex board games on the market are based on traditional board game concepts with a little sex play thrown in for extra fun.


A lot of the combined card and dice games are designed to introduce communication to the foreplay in addition to the physical stimulation. The cards may ask questions about fantasies or hidden desires, or favorite experiences.

Props and Extra Toys

Some sets of sex dice come with a few bells and whistles. An assortment of props and toys can always bring excitement into the bed. Some of the props that could be included are whips, feathers, scarves, lubricants, and sexual blindfolds.

Long-Distance Mobile Games

For the couple that wants to play together but cannot be together, there are a few sex dice apps designed for two players on the market. These games are set up so that one person makes the initial purchase, installs the app on their device, and then shares a passcode with their partner, who also installs the app on their own device.

How to Shop for Sex Dice

How to properly shop for sex dice.
How to properly shop for sex dice.

With multiple different sex dice games on the market, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed. Follow these simple tips to help smooth the shopping process as you seek out the perfect sex dice for you and your partner.

Decide What You Want

Thinking about what you might want before you start shopping will help smooth the whole process over. You may not know exactly what you are looking for, but shopping will be a lot easier if you have a general idea.

Research What’s Available

With all the different variations and features out there, you might want to hold back from purchasing the first product you see. Explore the shop or site a little and get an idea of what items are other there and how their prices generally run.

Comparison Shop

Simplify your shopping experience even further by narrowing down your search to a few types of sex dice that interest you. Running a side-by-side comparison, determine which one comes with the right features for your needs at the right price point for your pocket.

How to Play With Sex Dice

Instructions to play sex dice.
Instructions to play sex dice.

How to play with sex dice might sound like a no-brainer, but all the different dice and categories may seem a little confusing at first. Also, if you and your partner are not used to being a little adventurous in bed, the whole idea can seem a little awkward and overwhelming. Follow these few basic tips to try to clarify what should be a fun activity for all.

Read the Instructions Beforehand

One sure way to kill the mood is to have to stop mid-way through the playtime to read the instructions. Sit down alone or with your partner and read through the instructional manual entirely or search online before ever starting. The instructions will tell you how to use each item that comes in your sex dice kit and may even provide tips for enhancing enjoyment.

The Most Common Way to Play Sex Dice

The most common way to play sex dice is with a partner. You and your partner will generally take turns rolling both of the dice at once, or one at a time to enhance anticipation.

One of the dice will probably have a body part (such as nipple, breast, neck, genitals, anus), and the other dice will have an action (like lick, nibble, suck, rub). The partner who rolled the sex dice will do the indicated action to the indicated body part on their partner.

How to Clean Your Sex Dice

Woman cleaning her sex dice.
How to clean sex dice.

If any dice or other props get a little messy, you’ll want to follow proper clean-up procedures. If the products are waterproof and do not contain stickers, you can simply drop them in a bowl of soapy water. You may even boil most products for a few minutes to fully sanitize them.

If your items are non-waterproof, you should still be able to wipe them with a damp or soapy washcloth. Make sure your items are fully dried before storing to avoid any mold or mildew build-up. Store your items in their container or a plastic bag to prevent them from coming in contact with dust, debris, or bacteria.

Do not use any household cleaning products on your sex dice or props. Household cleaning solutions can cause the stickers or paint to break down and may also irritate your skin. A simple soap, such as dawn, will usually do the trick. If you want to be extra safe with avoiding bacteria, you could opt for any number of special anti-bacterial sex toy cleaning agents available on the market.

Variations on Ways to Enjoy Your Sex Dice

All sex dice variations.
All sex dice variations.

The precise way you choose to enjoy your sex dice will depend solely on your personal preferences and the particular sex dice you purchase. However, the ideas are as endless as your imagination. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you:

Solo Play

Sex dice are not just for partners anymore. There are also many different products on the current market that are geared towards self-gratification as well. These dice usually come with just a single die or two dice. One of the dice may have actions (such as a tickle, rub, or penetration), and the other die would have the body part (such as breast, nipple, clit, or anus).

Strip Dice

Strip dice is a fun way to start out your playtime when with a partner. Using dice with numbers, each partner will take a turn rolling the dice. The partner with the highest number will then remove one item of their clothing or their partner’s clothing.

To heighten the anticipation of the actual game of sex dice, partners should attempt to touch each other’s skin as little as possible at this point. The game can then proceed until one partner is completely unclothed. That partner will then remove the other’s partner’s remaining clothing.

Group Play

Sex dice can be a whole lot of fun when played in a group setting too. The activities can be kicked off with a strip dice game, as previously mentioned, with some slight variations. The whole group can take turns rolling the dice and then choosing who to remove an item of clothing from.

Once naked, the group can then proceed to their specific sex dice game. The game should come with instructions for group play as well as single-partner play. To simplify playing instructions, if you intend to play your sex dice in a group, you may want to shop specifically for dice designed for such use.


Role-playing can certainly be a way to get the most out of your time with your sex dice. Role-playing ideas are endless and include any variation that you and your partner are comfortable with. Some common types of role-playing with your sex dice might include boss and employee, cop (or judge) and criminal, or teacher and student.

Some sex dice on the market take the guesswork out of role-playing by providing different ideas on each face of the die.

Where to Buy Sex Dice Game

Places where you can get your set of sex dice.
Places where you can get your set of sex dice.

Novelty Gift Store

If you’ve ever wandered through a novelty gift shop, then I’m sure you’ve seen that most of them have an adult toy or “gag gift” section. Among the dildos, lubes, and blow-up dolls, you can often find a selection of sex dice and other sex games.

The downside to a novelty gift store is usually the selection. Most of these shops may only feature one or two of each product type.

Adult Toy Store

An adult toy store will have a better selection of sex toys and, hopefully, a few different types of sex dice games to choose from. If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for (and are not shy), a salesperson could probably point you in the right direction.

The biggest disadvantage of making any purchase in an adult toy store is the price. Specialty shops are often priced higher, and sex toy shops are certainly no exception.

Online Sex Toy Distributor

Online sex toy distributors have the brick-and-mortar locations beat on both price and selection. A simple search in the search bar will pull up countless types of sex dice with countless features.

The drawback to such a large selection is the feeling of being overwhelmed by too many options with not enough information to make your selection.

Online Sex Toy Review Site

An online sex toy review site is the easiest and cheapest route for shopping for sex dice. Not only do online review sites provide an ample assortment of products to choose from, but they are priced reasonably well.

The added bonus of using a review site is that someone else has taken then guess work out of doing the comparison shopping for you and listed the top-selling items. Reviews sites will also often include important information for how to best enjoy your new sex dice once you get them home.

How Much Do Sex Dice Cost?

Sex dice game price.
Sex dice game price.

As the features available in sex dice vary greatly, so does the price range. A simple set of sex dice may cost as little as $8, a kit that includes a few props could run around $20, and a full game that includes a gameboard and/or cards could be around $30.

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Fantastic Foreplay

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