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Best 8 Sex Swings in 2024

Purple Reins Sex Sling Image
Purple Reins Sex Sling
5 Stars Rating(317)

Fastening: Clip

Allergens: Latex-Free

Fabric: Nylon

$189.99 $169.99
Buy Now
Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing Image

2 Images2

Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing
5 Stars Rating(151)

Fastening: Straps

Allergens: Latex-Free

Length: 73 inches

Material: Polychloroprene

$62.99 $42.99
Buy Now
Discounted Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing Image
Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing
5 Stars Rating(166)

Fastening: Clip

Allergens: Latex-Free

Length: 20.5 inches

Material: Metal

$79.99 $59.99
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The Trinity Sex Swing Image
The Trinity Sex Swing
5 Stars Rating(198)

Padded Supports: Yes

Max Weight: 400 lbs

$159.99 $149.95
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Fetish Fantasy Door Swing Image
Fetish Fantasy Door Swing
5 Stars Rating(161)

Fabric: Neoprene

Allergens: Latex-Free

$69.99 $49.99
Sold Out
Body Swing Image
Body Swing
5 Stars Rating(154)

Type: Body Swing

Padded Straps: Yes

Rubber-grip handles: Yas

All straps: Adjustable

$49.95 $89.99
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bondage-geared sex swing Image
bondage-geared sex swing
5 Stars Rating(208)

Adjustable Pads: 4

Max Weight: 350 lbs

Easy-install: Yes

$215.99 $199.95
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Command Suspension Cuff Set Image
Command Suspension Cuff Set
5 Stars Rating(155)

Suspension Strap: 12.75inch / 32cm

Suspension Cuffs: 2

$99.99 $49.95
Buy Now
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What Is a Sex Swing?

Sex swing meaning
What is a sex swing.

Sex swings are swings that allow users to swing effortlessly during sex while being able to weightlessly contort into positions that are otherwise unfeasible. Ancient Indians were the first in history to develop sex swings after looking for new ways to create intimacy, believing that the more positions that their partner’s take in increases the sexual intimacy between the pair.

Sex swings certainly are a way to keep things new and fresh for you and your partner in the bedroom and will have you rocking just the right way every time with ease. The straps’ tension helps users maintain positions for longer, and the momentum built from using a swing generates extra intensity between partners.

The swings are often composed of a seat that holds the user’s weight while leaving all of their fun zones open for the taking. There are various straps for hold or position your limbs onto, and each swing has different features to explore.

They are described as liberating due to the fact that a user has to put all of their weight onto the swing and just let go of control. The lack of control in a swing makes them an ideal toy for people into mild or intense BDSM play.

The swings are also used by those with arthritis or other disabilities that make the act of sex difficult or uncomfortable. They take some time to get used to, and at the beginning, it may seem a little silly, but once you get into the swing of things, you’ll be having more fun than you ever did on the playground.

How to Use a Sex Swing

Sex swing instructions to use.
Sex swing instructions to use.

1. Pick a Spot for Your Sex Swing.

An ideal location would be an open and uncluttered space that allows for three feet of clearance on all sides. It is important to think hard about where your swing should go. This will save you the time and hassle of covering over any failed holes in your ceiling and guarantee that you get it in the right spot the first time.

If you’re concerned about questions from friends and family about the hook in your ceiling, you can cover it up with a deconstructed fire alarm or hang a plant from the hook when it isn’t being used.

If you want to turn the hook into a nice reading area, when you aren’t using it as a transport to pound town, you can also hang up a reading swing to make this installation functional at all times.

2. Pick Your Hooks.

There are several ways that you can secure your sex swing, either using one hook or multiple hooks. The distance and configuration between hooks depend on the make of swing and size of your partner.

  • Eye Hooks. Eye hooks are the most commonly used type of hook to hang sex swings, but the ones that come with your swing may not always be the best quality. If you want to go with an eye hook, it is advised that you get one with a welded hook. This helps keep the hook from bending straight due to use. Eye hooks that are not welded have a higher chance of bending and becoming unusable.
  • Tie Down Brackets. A tie-down bracket is essentially a metal loop secured to your ceiling by a metal plate and four screws. Due to its complete loop and multiple locking points, the tie-down bracket is something to consider if you want to swing with confidence.

3. Mount Your Sex Swing.

Unless your swing comes with a stand of its own or is designed to be placed on a door frame, it may be time to get out your power tools. If you’re currently renting or if you are a first time user, it’s advised that you get a free standing swing or an over-the-door model.

If mounting, It is important to connect all of the points on the swing to sturdy places in your ceiling. You’ll need to find studs, beams, or other areas that can bear a substantial weight before you start drilling. Drilling into drywall won’t get you anything but bruises.

When drilling into a stud or beam, it’s important to know for sure you find the middle of the structure point to ensure your swing’s integrity. If mounting doesn’t seem to be your thing or if having the swing be a permanent installment makes you nervous, there are plenty of models that let you skip this part.

If this part is intimidating you, but you also really want a swing in a certain spot, you can hire a local handyman to install the hook for you, and they don’t have to know what it’s for.

Sex Swing Safety Precautions

sex swing safety tips.
Safety tips when using your sex swing.

It is sometimes suggested that the springs included with many sex swings “aren’t necessary” when putting together your swing. It is recommended that you always install a spring if one is included with your swing. They can help keep your swing strong by shock-absorbing your thrusts rather than integral parts taking damage.

Swings have lots of adjustable parts, but it’s important that you don’t get ahead of yourself and adjust while on the swing, or you’ll go head over heels. Make sure you always get off the swing before adjusting. It may take a few tries to get it right, but getting out isn’t as horrible as toppling to the ground.

Make sure you take a look at your swing before getting in and getting it on. Inspect straps, loops, hooks, and padding to ensure each piece’s structural soundness before you climb, to prevent injury or catastrophic failure.

If you install your swing correctly and keep it in good condition, you should have no problem exploring whatever position you can think of safely and comfortably.

Why Use a Sex Swing

Why to use a sex swing.
Reasons why to use a sex swing.

Using a sex swing can be a way to try out things that you never could in a bed. Popularly used in the BDSM community, the swings are well-loved by those who like giving up a little bit of control.

The standing partner calls the shots while the other freely swings, unable to really determine or change the speed or position. This is ideal for partners that enjoy domination or power play.

Swings can also offer a more comfortable ride for those with disabilities or arthritis that can make sexual positions or sex in general difficult. These toys are great for those who are in wheelchairs, have a chronic illness; otherwise, when moving their limbs. The swings offer relief to users by taking the pressure off of joints, so boning doesn’t make your bones ache.

The swings also allow exploring your partner’s body from all angles and can be used when massaging your partner and exploring their endogenous zones as well as vaginal, anal, or oral play. Swinging in the bedroom lets, you do more for less, saving your energy to go faster for longer.

Sex Swing Positions

All the sex swing positions to try.
All the sex swing positions.

Sex swings allow for creativity in the bedroom and can be used in endless ways and configurations depending on your number of straps and the inclusion of stirrups and handholds.

Doggy Style

Known for being a pain in the back and knees doggy style is often uncomfortable unless you have a sex swing. Swings give couples a chance to really go at it without any pain or need to stop to stretch or catch your breath.

The swing may be difficult to adjust into position the first time, but once you have it right, a whole new world will open up to you, and you’ll be doing it doggy style more often.

Floating Oral

Relax and lay back as your partner rocks your world with their mouth as you lounge weightless in your swing. This can be done in a multitude of ways depending on user preference and has been known to be a fan favorite.

Swings give easy access to any part of your partner that you would want to touch, and using a swing for oral play breeds deeper intimacy between couples while giving a fun new twist to an old favorite.

Standing Up

Everyone loves that scene from The Notebook. No, not the one where they’re on the beach or the one where he climbs the Ferris wheel. The one where he lifts her and kisses her down a bridge and through a house.

Now, if you’re a normal couple, the intense standing up position is difficult even with a wall to lean on. With a sex swing, you can take full advantage of this position for no risk. The swing holds the weight for you, and the extra mobility is way more comfortable than the coldness of your bedroom wall.

360 Degrees

With the right placement and adjustments, you can actually spin on top of your partner or have them spin on top of you. The key here is to keep things low to the ground. Once your hovering right over where you’ll end up fully penetrated, give it a turn. With a proper sex lube and aerodynamics, you’ll be the propeller to your partner’s sex plane.

Types of Sex Swings

All the types of sex swings available.
All types of sex swings.

Traditional Sex Swings

Traditional sex swings are typically one platform or hammock that has been suspended. They usually come with three-legged or four-legged stands that hold the weight of the participant throughout the play. Known for being simple and fluid these swings are a good investment for first-timers as they are easy to use.

Door Mounted Sex Swings

Not quite as flexible as their free-flying counterparts door swings are known for being quick and easy to install while also being among some of the cheapest. These swings get hooked onto a closed-door before play, sacrificing some movement for simplicity. These swings can travel and be hidden easier than those that require stands or mounting.

Full Body Harness Sex Swings

The person in the swing becomes the puppet in these swings while the standing partner is the puppeteer. Full body swings have multiple seats and loops for entire body control as well as having some loops made for the non-swinging to pull in order to get reactions from their swinging partner.

Pulling loops to get your swinger to spread their legs wider or moving their ass higher or lower into the air, things of that nature. These swings are one of the very popular options among the BDSM community because of the extra element of control.

Be warned though these swings are known to be less relaxing than the others, and some positions involved may require limb or core strength.

Sex Swings With Frames

Take the fun of your swing anywhere when it comes with a frame. Frames allow for perfect positioning every time, along with the comforting knowledge that your swing is secure. Sex swing frames usually have three or four posts for balance and stability during your ride.

Your sex swing didn’t come with a frame? You can always get one! There are plenty of people who find the swing that they love and then match it with their favorite frame of the options for a customized and comfortable experience. If mounting isn’t your game and you are too embarrassed to ask your dad to hang the hook, get a frame.

Sex Swing Materials

Materials used in sex swings.
Materials used in sex swings.

The materials of your sex swing can vary based on your price point. Some of the softer swings incorporate leather, nylon and ample padding.

While some swings are much more hardcore and include wood and metal parts, these swings are designed to be a little more uncomfortable and often play into submission and domination fantasies.

It’s important to note that no matter what swing you get, it will most likely be a porous material, and it will be harder to keep truly clean. Wipe down your swing after you’re done using it every time to keep things rocking smoothly.

How Much Does a Sex Swing Hold?

How much a sex swing holds.
How much a sex swing holds.

The normal weight limit of a sex swing is anywhere between 200-400 pounds. The weight limit is normally determined from the weakest point in your swing, and the amount of weight that strains.

It is important to note that if your swing is going to be ceiling mounted, you have to take into account what the beam will hold and the weight limit in your swing. You want to be sure that everything is secure and sturdy before flying freely.

Your hook choice also has a part of the equation with standard eye hooks holding the least weight, then welded and cast eye-hooks, and the sturdiest hook a tie-down bracket.

The more expensive swings typically have a higher weight limit because of the quality of materials. This may be something to consider if you and your partner are a heavier weight or if you plan on both using the swing at the same time.

Multiple hooks and anchor points are also something to consider if the weight limit is an issue.

How Much Does a Sex Swing Cost?

Sex swing prices.
What is the price of a sex swing.

Prices can range anywhere from below a hundred dollars to upwards of five hundred dollars, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re unsure if you and your partner are going to enjoy the experience, it may be better to try a less expensive model first while keeping in mind that they don’t share the same amount of comfort as their more expensive counterparts.

If you’re looking in the 40 dollar range, things will be very basic, but there are also attachable stirrups and handholds that you can purchase and add to your swing depending on its configuration.

Where Can I Buy a Sex Swing?

Where to buy a sex swing.
Where to buy a sex swing.

If you want a swing and need it soon, a local sex shop may be the way for you to go. While local sex stores may not have the variety found online, they should have something to satisfy any immediate need.

Even if only basic swings are found, they’re likely to sell attachments to really kick things up a notch. If your time in the bedroom has been lacking lately, consider taking your partner on a date to the local sex store to pick something up.

Browsing the wares in-store and being able to see and touch everything could spark a kink among you that you didn’t even know was there.

If you want to know all of your options, then the world wide web is your answer. Sex toy websites are known for their wide variety and discrete shipping. Discrete shipping is a big deal if you’re at all embarrassed about your toy purchases and would rather browse in the privacy of your own home.

There is a wide variety of sex swings, and many sites give you the option of browsing by category, which is ideal if you know exactly what you want from a swing.

Sex toys reviews from other users can also come into play when making your big decision and often swing you in the right direction, even with all of the choices. Whether shopping in-store or online, there are plenty of people who want to help you get the perfect swing.

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Purple Reins Sex Sling

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Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

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Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing

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