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Hyatt Simons, CEO and Founder of

Sex ToysFor Couples

Discover the best sex toys for couples that will help you reach new sexual heights in your relationship. All our featured couples' sex toys are the best among thousands of sex toys' options on the market and have special discounts for your purchase.

Sex ToysFor Women

Check our selection of the best adult sex toys for women that are rocking in 2024. All listed women sex toys are high-quality, discounted, and top-rated by our sex experts.

Sex ToysFor Men

Find the best sex toys for men and unleash the sexy beast in you. We've categorized all our featured top 10 men's sex toys to make it easier for you to find the best men's toys at the best price.

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How It Works

We carefully test thousands of products for every sex toy category for you to pick the best adult toys at the best price. Here's how it works.


Search for a Sex Toy

Search for a sex toy

We offer thousands of adult sex toys. Use the search bar to find your desired sex toy. If you don't find your sex toy, go through our sex toys' categories and pick the one you think your sex toy will be in.


Check the Featured Sex Toys' List

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Once you get to a sex toy category, you'll immediately discover our top-picks for that specific category. The adult toys listed in that category are well-known sex toys' brands that meet our criteria of high-quality, best performance, discounted-price, and discreet shipping experience. Rest assured that when you purchase from Bestsextoys, you're buying the best sex toys at a reduced price.


Pick a Sex Toy

Choose your favorite sex toy

It's time to pick a sex toy. All top sex toys listed have their own specifications such as functionality, materials, length, and more. Read each adult toy's specifications and decide which one is the right for you.


Buy Your Sex Toy at a Discounted Price

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Once you click on the purchase button, our platform will send you to the official sex toy manufacturer's website with a cookie attached to it. This cookie will automatically reduce the price on the manufacturer's website. Some sex toy companies don't support a cookie system. If that's the case, before we redirect you to the sex toy manufacturer's website, we will provide you an exclusive promotional code for your purchase.


Share Your Experience

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BestSexToys helps thousands of buyers every single day, providing them with the best deals and the best sex toy products. We love to read all our client testimonials throughout social media, so don't hesitate to mention your experience with us. features the best adult sex toys that are tested, verified, and discounted by our sex experts. We offer the best pricing on the sex toy market.


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Clients' Testimonials

This team is amazing! I had the pleasure of meeting some of their staff in Miami during the Erotica event. I met Hyatt and Manuel who explained to me in detail the operational procedure of their Sex Toys Company and the benefits they bring to individuals looking for adult toy items.

Joe Sanders client image

Joe Sanders

Miami, FL

Bestsextoys is the best way to go to satisfy all my pleasure needs. I always look forward to their weekly emails for the latest coupon codes and I love all the products they feature in their site because they’re the best of the best in the market.

Terry R. client image

Terry R.

Manhattan, NY

As an employee of for over 2 years, the amount of work we invest in filtering the best items in the market is massive. We make sure to offer the best options for every specific sex toy category by reviewing the most top-rated sex toy items in the industry.

Danielle S. client image

Danielle S.

Santa Monica, CA offers the best deals and they stand-out for a lot of reasons. First, the offers you’ll find in this site cannot be found elsewhere. Second, I love every single item I buy from them because they make accurate suggestions and recommendations based on what I need. Third, I save a lot ...

Jessie L. client image

Jessie L.

Dallas, TX

For the last three years, I’ve been ordering my “must-have items” here. I’m always happy and impressed with the items I get at bestsextoys. Here’s my advice to all sex toy buyers out there, buy the must-have items you’ll find in their emails because you won’t get disappointed. Their re ...

Renee C. client image

Renee C.

Nashville, TN

I’m subscribed to the “Hottie-box for women”. It’s always full of sexy fun every month. Since I don’t really have much time to go out and socialize very often, being subscribed to the Hottie-box for women and having it delivered to my house every 1st of the month is awesome.

Sasha B. client image

Sasha B.

Denver, CO

I've been a customer of Bestsextoys for 3 years. They provide me with the best pricing and sex toy diversity for my local sex shop in Florida. I'm very pleased with their customer service, low prices, and quality sex toys.

Joselyn L. client image

Joselyn L.

Vero Beach, FL

BestSexToys.comFrequently Asked Questions

How Many Adult Toys Do We Test per Sex Toy Category?

We do thorough research for every list of top-10 products on any sex toy category and identify the adult toys with the most and best reviews. We purchase 30 to 40 products in that specific sex toy category and let our team try the products. After a couple of weeks, we start getting some feedback from our team, and we start evaluating each sex toy to narrow down the choices until we come up with the top-10 products that will make it to our public list of best sex toys. We pick the best toys based on functionality, quality, and packaging experience. Our commitment to all sexy buyers is to provide them with an easier process of picking a sex toy that they won't regret buying.

How Does BestSexToys Have Special Discounts and Lower Prices? strives to provide the best adult toys at the best possible price available. We've come a long way since we started, and now with millions of visitors every month, we have created partnerships with big and popular sex toy companies. Big sex toy manufacturers exchange exclusive discounts and promotional codes for exposure on BestSexToys. When you purchase any sex toy through our platform, our system automatically adds a cookie to the manufacturer's website that provides you with a special discounted price. All adult sex toys shown on our platform have a 20 to 40% discount on the final price.

What Are the Requirements for All Sex Toys Listed

All the erotic sex toys available on our platform ensure the following; free shipping, discreet billing and shipping, worldwide shipping and delivery, and a secure checkout process to complete any transaction. Multiple sex toy companies have tried to enter BestSexToys' featured products, but they're left out because they don't match our guidelines. We make sure that when you purchase from, you have the best purchase experience.

What Type of Customer Do We Serve?

BestSexToys helps thousands of customers to buy their new sex toy without regretting their purchase later on. The type of customer that purchases from BestSexToys is the one that doesn't want to look through thousands of products and wants to be offered the best selection at a reduced price. In our adult shop, we offer various types of adult sex toys to suit different sexual preferences, such as dildos, masturbators, vibrators, anal sex toys, and more.

Where Can You Find a BestSexToys' Local Store?

We have partnered with multiple local adult sex toy shops around the U.S. to provide our customers with faster shipping from their warehouses and welcome some local customers to their adult sex toy shop. All local adult sex toy shops that have an active partnership with BestSexToys will offer you the reduced prices you can find throughout our platform. They won't discuss the price, and all you need to do is show them the current discounted price at BestSexToys. Our biggest local sex toy shop partnerships are located in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Michigan, Dallas, Washington, and Nashville. For a complete list of our local partners throughout the U.S., please contact us at any time.

What Are the Benefits of Subscribing to the Newsletter?

Throughout our site, we encourage visitors to subscribe to our free newsletter. We regularly send new products, new reduced prices, extra promotional codes for their next purchase, and some freebies to all subscribed users. We're aware of the multiple companies that share the information obtained from their users. Rest assured that Bestsextoys won't sell or share your e-mail information with other companies. So don't be left out and join our newsletter to get the hottest discounts on the best sex toys.