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Jiggle Ball Set (3 Piece) Image

Jiggle Ball Set (3 Piece)

in Kegel Balls

Jiggle Ball Set (3 Piece) 5 Stars Rating(258)

Circumference: 4.5 inches

Insertable Length: 1 inches

Length: 4 inches

Flexibility: Firm

Material: Silicone

Waterproof: Submersible

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

$51.99 $31.99
Sold Out
2 Discounted
Freed My Body Blooms Image

Freed My Body Blooms

in Vibrating Panties

Freed My Body Blooms 5 Stars Rating(346)

Material: Silicone

Flexibility: Rigid

Length: 4 inches

Battery Info: 1 x CR2032 battery

Power Type: Rechargeable

Vibration speed: multiple

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Waterproof: Submersible

$139.99 $119.99
Sold Out
Kink Power Banger Image
Kink Power Banger

in Sex Machines

Kink Power Banger 5 Stars Rating(137)

Length: 16"(40.6cm)

Width: 9"(22.9cm)

Height: 7"(18cm)

Powered: Electricity

$999.99 $649.95
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Fifty Shades Freed Image

Fifty Shades Freed

in Clit Vibrators

Fifty Shades Freed 5 Stars Rating(362)

Material: Silicone

Flexibility: Flexible

Circumference: 4 inches

Insertable Length: 5 inches

Length: 7.5 inches

Power Type: Rechargeable

Vibration speed: Multiple

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Waterproof: Submersible

$61.99 $41.99
Sold Out
Fun Factory Stronic Real Image

Fun Factory Stronic Real

in Thrusting Dildos

Fun Factory Stronic Real 5 Stars Rating(238)

Material: Silicone

Flexibility: Firm

Power Type: Rechargeable

Vibration speed: Multiple

Circumference: 5 inches

Insertable Length: 5.5 inches

Length: 8 inches

Allergens: Phthalate-Free

Waterproof: Submersible

$189.99 $169.99
Sold Out

What to Consider When Buying a Female Sex Toy

What to look for when buying women sex toys.
What you need to consider when buying a women sex toy?

When buying a sex toy, it's important to consider several factors to find the most suitable choice that meets your requirements and complements your standard. Here are some things to take into consideration to make your purchase worthwhile;

1. Personal Need.

Assess the personal reasons why you're needing a sex toy. It could be for your personal satisfaction and sexual pleasure, or perhaps you need one to boost your sex drive. It could also be to facilitate your love-making sessions with your partner. Or, you want to experiment and try out new sexual adventures. Knowing your reason for wanting a sex toy will make it easier for you to identify exactly what you need.

2. Features.

There's a wide variety of sex toys designed for women, such as dildos, vibrators, Kegel balls, clitoral pumps, vibrating panties, and anal sex toys, among many others. Determine what feature is most appealing to you. If you want something that vibrates and creates rhythmic pulsations, you'll benefit from a motorized or battery-operated sex toy. If you prefer to take control of the penetration, a basic and non-motorized sex toy should do the trick.

Some sex toys offer health benefits and help in strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, and some are meant to intensify sexual pleasure. Identify the features that are most important to you so you can decide which sex toy is worth your money.

3. Material.

Most sex toys available nowadays are made from medical-grade and body-safe silicone material, soft rubber, and plastic. However, innovations in the sex toy industry have given rise to a variety of adult toys made of glass, crystal, metal, and other novelty materials like soft feathers and shining studs. Take into consideration the type of material that you'll feel comfortable using.

4. Size.

When buying sex toys for women, size is a major consideration. Choose a size that you're comfortable to use so as not to feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Manage your expectations and be realistic with what you can handle to enjoy your sex toy to the fullest.

5. Price.

Pricing is of utmost importance when purchasing a sex toy. Ideally, sophisticated sex toys that offer multiple features are more expensive than the basic ones. Determine how much you're willing to spend for a sex toy and find out which products fit your budget.

6. Source.

Make sure to buy your sex toy from credible and trustworthy shops, sellers, and suppliers. Don't settle for anything substandard. Keep in mind that anything that penetrates your body should be tried and tested by the experts as clinically-safe and free from toxins. Therefore, we recommend that you buy your sex toys only from legit sources.

7. Personal Health.

If you've been diagnosed with a health condition, we suggest that you consult your doctor first before purchasing a sex toy. A lot of women are prone to vaginal infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), hormonal issues, and other associated health concerns. See your doctor first if you have any doubts about using a sex toy, it would be beneficial to your overall wellness.

Where to Buy Women Sex Toys

where to buy sex toys for women.
Where to buy sex toys for women.

Buy your sex toys only from legit and credible shops, sellers, and suppliers. Choose companies that carefully try and test each product to ensure quality, safety, and value for money.

We understand that finding a local sex shop that sells exclusive and cheap sex toys in multiple varieties is a daunting task. And most people, especially women, are not comfortable with the idea of entering a sex shop as a walk-in customer. Asking about the specific details of a product, such as a dildo or vibrator, and how it works is not just intimidating but feels awkward as well.

If you're determined to buy a good adult sex toy, look for an online sex shop that features only the most highly-recommended products in the market. This will make the process of selection less overpowering for you because you'll only come across the best products with the highest ratings and most positive feedback.

Cheap sex toys available online are usually sourced from direct suppliers and manufacturers. They are tested, evaluated, and reviewed accordingly to create a good line-up for every category.

When choosing an online shop from where you'll get your sex toys, make sure to check out their ordering process. Some of the factors you need to consider are the following;

  • Product Variety and Quality
  • How the Company Chooses their Products
  • Pricing and Discounts
  • Payment Options
  • Product Guarantee
  • Discreet Billing and Shipment
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Shipping Rates

To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, take your time to review the ordering process and how each transaction is completed. Legit and trustworthy online sex shops offer confidential and efficient shopping solutions to all their customers.

Best Sex Toys is a premier source of quality and affordable sex toys online. If you want to see the actual products featured on our website and you prefer to test the functions personally, we can assist you in locating one of our local partner stores within your area. We have an existing partnership with physical sex stores in major cities around the U.S., and we'd be happy to help you out in availing the same discounted rates.

How to Clean a Women Sex Toy

how to clean women sex toys.
How to clean a women sex toy.

Ladies, you know that your personal hygiene down there is very important because the vagina can host a lot of microorganisms that may cause fungal and bacterial infections. That's why if you're using a sex toy, make sure that it's properly cleaned, disinfected, and dried out completely before and after use.

Sex toys for women can be a breeding ground for bacteria without proper cleaning and sanitation. Depending on the material of your sex toy, it's essential to know the appropriate way to make it safe, hygienic, and suitable for use. Here's how to thoroughly clean your sex toys;

Glass Sex Toys: Wash with anti-bacterial soap and water. Those that are made of Pyrex material are generally dishwasher safe, but we recommend soaking them in warm water to avoid exposing the glass to extreme temperatures.

Stainless Steel Toys: For battery operated and rechargeable stainless steel toys, wipe it gently using a washcloth with warm water and disinfecting soap. Do not immerse the electrical components in water. For basic or manual sex toys, boil them in water with 10% disinfecting solution for 8 to 10 minutes, or scrub them with soap then rinse with warm water.

Hard Plastic Sex Toys: Wash with anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water. Avoid using boiling water and do not attempt to load in the dishwasher.

Silicone Sex Toys: Submerge in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes or load in the top rack of the dishwasher. You may also rub it with anti-microbial soap before rinsing with warm water. Do not submerge motorized silicone vibrators in water because this will destroy the vibrating mechanism. Battery-operated or rechargeable silicone sex toys should be cleansed with anti-bacterial cleansing wipes or anti-microbial spray only.

Rubberized Sex Toys: Wash with soap and lukewarm water before and after use.

Warning: Rubberized sex toys are the trickiest to clean because they are porous and contain toxic materials. They are generally not recommended, but if you happen to have one, the safest way to use it is by applying a condom before use. Make sure to remove the condom after using the toy, and then wash it immediately.

Cyberskin and Vinyl Sex Toys: Cyberskin and vinyl are both porous and require careful cleaning. Wash them delicately with warm water only. Don't use soap because it can make the material sticky. After washing, allow it to air dry completely then apply a bit of powder or cornstarch to preserve the material and avoid stickiness.

Nylon Sex Toys: Harnesses, sex swings, floggers, and bondage ropes, which are usually made of nylon material, can be hand-washed using anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Do not load them in the washing machine.

Note: Remove the batteries before cleaning your battery-operated sex toy. Do not submerge the electrical components in any cleansing solution or water. Instead, use a damp washcloth with ant-bacterial soap or cleansing wipes to sanitize your motorized sex toys.

How to Store a Sex Toy

How to store your sex toys.
How to store your sex toys?

It is important to store your sex toys properly to protect the material and to prevent dirt and moisture from damaging them. Exposure to extreme temperature is not good for silicone and plastic materials because it can affect their quality. Glass and metal sex toys are more resilient to heat and dust particles but should nevertheless be protected from exposure to keep them hygienic and safe for use.

Here are some tips on how to store your sex toys;

  1. After cleaning and drying off completely, cover your sex toys with a dry and clean cloth before storing them.
  2. Avoid keeping your sex toys in a damp or moist environment to avoid fungal and bacterial build-up.
  3. Remove the batteries before safekeeping if you're not planning to use the sex toy for a while.
  4. For rechargeable sex toys, make sure to turn them off before storing them. Small sex toys vibrate quietly, so take your time to check if they're properly turned off.
  5. For motorized sex toys, add an extra layer of cushion and coverage before storing to avoid accidentally dropping them and sudden exposure when you least expect it
  6. Don't cover silicone, cyberskin, and plastic sex toys with tissue or paper towel because the fibrous material can stick to the toys.
  7. Make sure to keep your sex toys in a safe place where people cannot accidentally see them to maintain your privacy.

Sex toys are personal items that deserve special attention when it comes to storing and safekeeping. If you're actively using them, take extra precaution in keeping them hygienic and sanitary all the time. And to achieve longevity and good condition of motorized sex toys, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on proper maintenance of the battery, charging duration, and frequency of charging.

Discounted Price on All Sex Toys for Women

Discounted women sex toys.
Discounts on all women sex toys. offers discounted prices for all the sex toys for women. So to all the ladies out there, this is your chance to get the best deal for your dream sex toy. Our team provides the best selection of top-rated sex toys at the lowest price compared to other sources.

How do we do this? We carefully select the products with the highest reviews and partner with the most legitimate sex toy manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. By doing so, we can offer the lowest price for every sex toy in each category.

So if you're looking for affordable sex toys for women that offer the best quality, material, and features, they're all available here at

Shopping is a breeze because all products are organized according to categories. When you select a product, you'll be able to view ten other related sex toys that have a similar function, excellent reviews, and competitive pricing. This will allow you to make a good price comparison of the products under the same category to easily determine the one that you feel guarantees the best value for your money based on the product features and your personal standard.

The discounts and promo codes are automatically reflected upon check out or before finalizing your order. Alternatively, you will be redirected to the manufacturer's page, where you can proceed with your purchase at a fully discounted rate.

To avail more discounts and to get the latest updates on our promo codes and upcoming products, subscribe to our newsletter. We only email relevant materials that you'd be interested to know and complements your sexual preferences. These include discounts on featured products, freebies, and new promo codes.

The Best Sex Toys for Women

The best sex toys for women.
The best sex toys for women. features the best sex toys that satisfy every woman's fantasy and sexual needs. Each female sex toy was assessed, evaluated, and reviewed by our team of experts to ensure the finest quality, safety, and performance.

Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive list of sex products that delivers the most pleasurable and sensational experience to modern women who want to engage in solo play or couple play. Let's uncover each one of them.


A dildo is an adult sex toy that resembles the shape and form of an erect penis. It is used for sexual stimulation and penetration. There are two major types of dildos, a vaginal dildo and an anal dildo. Both are available in manual and motorized versions, and offer different sizes from small to large ones.

A vaginal dildo is used for vaginal penetration and is suitable for both solo play and couple play. It is usually made of silicone, metal, glass, or porous materials like Cyberskin. Most models replicate the look and shape of a male penis and have veiny protrusions for a more textured sensation. Smoother variants are also available.

An anal dildo is designed for anal penetration and is usually smooth, cylindrical in shape, and narrower. Most models are made of non-porous materials like silicone, metal, or glass. Top-of-the-line vibrating dildos are ergonomically-shaped to complement the natural contours of the anus. They provide more comfort and pleasure during insertion.

How do you use a dildo? You can use a dildo for sexual penetration to achieve pleasure and orgasm. The most common use is for masturbation, although some couples use it as an accessory during sex. For ease of insertion and a more satisfying play, use a lubricant to avoid friction.

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos have mechanical components that allow them to vibrate and deliver fast pulsations for maximum pleasure during penetration. These are either battery-operated or rechargeable. Advanced models feature a variety of modes to adjust the speed of vibration for maximum stimulation.

Are vibrating dildos better than their non-motorized versions? This depends entirely on the user and what you find more sexually-gratifying. Some users want to take full control of the speed and depth of penetration and therefore prefer non-motorized dildos, while others like the pulsations that cause deeper and more intense stimulation.

What makes vibrating dildos more effective? The vibrating component and automatic features are what make vibrating dildos more effective in delivering stronger and faster orgasms. If you're aiming for a deeper and stronger stimulus, a vibrating dildo is the right masturbation toy for you. Ultramodern designs that feature different levels of stimulation allows you to adjust the speed with a click of a button.

Thrusting Dildos

For women out there who want to take masturbation to a higher level with a dildo that moves back and forth, a thrusting dildo is the perfect choice. This type of female sex toy provides a pushing and pulling motion for that deeper and more edgy feeling.

What makes thrusting dildos more pleasurable? A thrusting dildo is pleasurable to use because it delivers a thrusting motion as it penetrates the vagina. It moves deep and hard depending on how you position it, and hits the G-spot at the right angle. So if you're tired of your static dildo and want something that whips your sensitive spot like the real thing, a thrusting dildo is the most powerful choice.

How do you use a thrusting dildo? To use a thrusting dildo, turn on the device and start by teasing your clitoris and vaginal opening to initiate sexual arousal. Use a lubricant if necessary. Slowly insert the thrusting dildo in your vagina and position it as far as you feel comfortable. There's no need to push it in and out once you've reached the right depth. Just hold it in place, enjoy the thrusting motion, and slowly drift into your fantasies.

Squirting Dildos

A squirting dildo is everything you need to make your solo or couple play wet and wild. It squirts the liquid that you feed in it, which could either be water or lubricant, depending on the consistency you prefer.

Ideally, a lubricant is more beneficial for a smoother and warmer glide, although some prefer water due to its non-sticky feel and because it blends well with the female discharge.

What makes a squirting dildo a unique sex toy? A squirting dildo provides a complete sexual experience because it releases liquid. Women who are fond of experiments during masturbation can use a squirting dildo to satisfy their fantasies of being filled with a man's semen. Use the squirting dildo to simulate a man's ejaculation as you reach climax to achieve a dose of wetness from the toy.

How do you use a squirting dildo? The squirting dildo works just like any static dildo. It is designed for vaginal or anal penetration. However, you can dispense fluid in it by filling it up to your desired level with clinical-grade lubricant or water. Use the dildo and release its fluid content as you desire.

Remote Control Dildos

If you're tired of static dildos and want to experience satisfying hands-free masturbation, remote control dildos are your best bet for that function. These are battery-operated or rechargeable dildos that offer various speeds and vibrations to achieve different levels of stimulation.

How do you use a remote control dildo? To use a remote control dildo, use the recommended type of batteries, or charge your device according to the instructions. Once it's ready, use the remote control to adjust it to your desired level of vibration and start enjoying its brilliant functions. Use it to penetrate your vagina, tease your erogenous zones, or share it with your partner and take turns in controlling it.

What makes a remote control dildo beneficial to a user? A remote control dildo is beneficial to anyone who wants to enjoy hands-free masturbation. It is also suitable for women who want to experiment with various intensities and depths of stimulation. You can shift between modes with a click of the remote control so you can focus on the sensation without needing to move, jerk, and thrust the device.

Silicone Dildos

Silicone dildos are the most favored type of dildos because they are made from clinical-grade and body-safe material. They are also free from toxins such as phthalates, dioxin, and lead. Adult toy fanatics prefer silicone dildos because they are suitable for sex toy beginners.

What are the variations of silicone dildos? Silicone dildos come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. There are also basic and motorized models. To add an aesthetic appeal, some silicone dildos are artistically-crafted with veins and ridges to replicate the texture of an actual penis. They are smooth to the touch and not intimidating to use.

What makes silicone dildos more beneficial? Silicone dildos are hygienic and offer a high safety profile. The material penetrates smoothly with water-based lubricant that's slippery, non-sticky, and washes off easily. A silicone dildo is also more comfortable to use compared to metal or glass dildo that causes a forceful stretch to your intimate zones since they don't yield to pressure.

More importantly, silicone can easily be cleaned with mild disinfecting soap and water, thus it's easier to maintain and sterilize.

G-Spot Dildos

Sex toys for women should hit the right spot to be considered as effective and beneficial to the users. This is the science behind the G-Spot dildos. These are dildos that are ergonomically-shaped and designed to reach and stimulate the female G-spot.

What makes G-Spot dildos unique? The most distinctive feature of a G-spot dildo is its shape and form. It has a curvature that conforms to the natural shape of the vaginal canal to effectively reach the most sensitive spot that triggers a pleasurable sensation and strong orgasm.

What makes a G-Spot dildo beneficial to its user? A G-spot dildo is beneficial because it helps in minimizing the need to thrust, shift, and twist the dildo to reach the G-spot. It is designed to target the most sensitive nerve endings in the vagina, which are responsible for sexual arousal and excitement. A little movement and gentle thrusts are enough to provide maximum stimulation. Advanced models of G-spot dildos are equipped with a device that simultaneously rubs the clitoris as you move the sex toy.

G-Spot Vibrators

A G-Spot Vibrator is a motorized version of the G-spot dildo. Depending on the model, you can either use batteries or charge the device. This sex toy for women provides vibrations and rhythmic pulsations to the vagina while stimulating the G-spot. There are several variations available nowadays, like remote control types and those that can be controlled via an app on your smartphone.

What are the best features of a G-spot vibrator? The best feature of a G-spot vibrator is its ergonomic shape and design that conforms to the shape of the vaginal cavity. It is specifically designed to target the G-spot upon insertion. Another feature is that you can use it hands-free since it automatically vibrates and stimulates the most sensitive zones inside your vagina to trigger an orgasm. The latest models of G-spot vibrators are also equipped with a clit sucker which simultaneously sucks the clitoris from the outside while the device vibrates and stimulates the G-spot from the inside.

How do you use a G-Spot Vibrator? Turn the device on to your desired level and intensity. Insert the vibrator in your vaginal opening using a water-based lubricant if necessary, and adjust it in the most pleasurable angle. You can use it hands-free. If it comes with a remote control, use it to adjust the vibration level to your satisfaction.

Hands-Free Vibrators

A Hands-Free Vibrator is one of the most innovative and discreet female sex toys in the industry. You can wear it, and nobody would suspect that you're actually in the middle of pleasuring yourself unless you pant, moan, and get giddy over the sexual excitement it brings. This sex toy creates vibrations that are powerful enough to stimulate the vagina and clitoris for an amazing orgasm – hands-free!

How to enjoy a Hands-Free Vibrator? A Hands-Free vibrator is compact and sleek enough to be worn even as you go through your daily business. Put the remote control in your pocket and turn the device on with a single flick of a finger and enjoy! You can use it while making out with your lover in the car, at the movies, or while having a romantic dinner for two. If you're not comfortable wearing it throughout the day (or night), a short trip to the bathroom should do the trick. What's another way to enjoy it? Let your partner handle the remote control so he can surprise you when you least expect it.

Egg Vibrators

An Egg Vibrator is a type of female sex toy that is shaped like an egg. It is used for sexual stimulation and pleasure. It falls under the category of small and discreet adult toys for women because it measures roughly around 2 to 3 inches in height and 0.75 to 1 inch in width.

What are the characteristics of an Egg Vibrator? An egg vibrator is a small vibrating sex machine designed for easy insertion into the vagina. It is usually made from silicone material and is available in a variety of colors and designs. Popular models have double egg features and ergonomic remote control design for convenient pressing of the buttons and seamless operation. Slimmer egg designs can make insertion fast and easy. Modern types of Egg vibrators are available in miniature sizes and slips discreetly in the pocket or purse. They are easy to carry around and can be used anywhere when the need comes.

What are the other uses of an Egg Vibrator? An egg vibrator is designed for vaginal stimulation and sexual pleasure. However, it also serves a variety of other purposes, such as to soothe, stimulate, and massage the nipples, clitoris, and anus, or to tease your partner.

Clitoral Vibrators

What are clitoral vibrators? Clitoral vibrators are small sex toys that are designed to stimulate the clitoris. Women who love oral sex and clitoral orgasms can benefit from having a clitoral vibrator. Unlike chunky sex toys and vibrators, the Clitoral Vibrator comes in a discreet form which makes storing practically effortless. And it's less suspicious-looking for a sex toy. You can carry it around in your purse so you can have a quick pleasure session anytime.

What are the different types of Clitoral Vibrators? Clitoral vibrators come in a variety of formats, from lipstick types to something that you can slip in your finger all the way to hands-free models. It may be small, but it provides targeted pleasure to the clitoris. Depending on the type you have, a Clitoral vibrator rubs, vibrates, pulsates, and sucks the clitoris to give you all the loving you need down there.

How does a Clitoral Vibrator work? A Clitoral Vibrator stimulates the clitoris directly. It's non-penetrating, non-invasive, and targets the external parts of the vagina. If you love external vaginal and clitoral massage, this is exactly what you need. To use a Clitoral Vibrator, hold the device against your clitoris, target the sensitive zones, and enjoy the vibrations and pulsations. Depending on the type you have, you may also experience a sucking, licking, or rolling sensation.

Curved Dildos

Known for its distinctive curves and ergonomic design, the Curved Dildo is every girl's best friend. It is specifically-shaped and crafted for women who need some help in achieving orgasm. A Curved Dildo works best for solo play to accurately position its angles against the erogenous zones.

How does a Curved Dildo work? A Curved Dildo is designed to reach a woman's most sensitive pleasure zones, like the G-spot, through accurate penetration. With its smooth curve and appropriate design, it complements the natural shape and form of a woman's vaginal cavity. With minimal thrusting motions, it hits the right spots and stimulates the most erogenous areas inside the vagina. Anatomically, the female G-spot is difficult to penetrate, but thanks to the Curved Dildo's ergonomic and soft angle design, it makes it easier for its user to reach such a tricky spot.

What are the variations of a Curved Dildo? Most Curved Dildos are either made of silicone or metal. There are also static curved dildos and vibrating curved dildos.

Sex Machines

If you're fond of wild sexual intercourse and intense masturbation, you can benefit from a Sex-Machine.

What is a Sex Machine? A Sex Machine is a fully-motorized sex toy that has different accessories for vaginal and anal penetration. And because it's fully automatic, you can masturbate and enjoy solo play while experiencing deep and powerful thrusts. Sex Machines usually come with a variety of accessories that are both useful for males and females to ensure a passionate game.

How do you use a Sex Machine? To use a Sex Machine, you have to choose which accessory to use and attached it to its end. The accessories are dildos in different sizes and textures, anal toys, vibrators, and wands, among others. It can be adjusted into different angles and levels depending on your position. The speed and depth of penetration are also adjustable depending on what you find pleasurable.

To use it while lying down, position the Sex Machine directly where it can penetrate your vagina and open your legs wide. Turn it on to begin the thrusting mechanism and shift the angle as needed.

Vaginal Balls

Vaginal Balls refer to different types of balls designed for vaginal insertion and exercises. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The most common types are the Kegel Balls.

What are the types of Vaginal Balls?

Kegel Balls: Kegel Balls are made from metal, silicone, or metal.

Yoni Eggs: These are Kegel weight options that are made of jade, rose quartz, or crystal. They may look aesthetically pleasing, but stone options are not vagina-friendly, and they look bulky but don't have enough weight.

Plastic Kegel Weight Systems: These are lighter options of Vaginal Balls that are generally not recommended since they're made of plastic material. Plastic contains toxins, harmful chemicals, and colorings that may irritate the vagina.

Ben-wa Balls: Usually made of metal and are available in different weights and diameters to provide individual fit.

How do you use Vaginal Balls? Insert the Vaginal Ball into your vagina and contract your vaginal and pelvic muscles to keep the ball in place, and to prevent it from slipping down. Vaginal Balls that are heavier are designed to encourage a stronger vaginal contraction in an attempt to secure the ball in place within the vagina.

What benefits can you get from using a Vaginal Ball: It is believed that constant use of Vaginal Balls helps in strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Keeping the vaginal walls contracted for prolonged periods also contributes to more pleasurable sex.

Kegel Exercisers

Kegel Exercisers come in a variety of forms and are made for the purpose of contracting the vaginal muscles and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Most of the commercially-available products are made of silicone, and some of them are motorized and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

What are the benefits of Kegel Exercisers? The benefits of Kegel Exercisers range from strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles to enhancing sexual pleasure. Exercisers that come in the form of weighted balls encourage the strongest contraction and are, therefore, one of the most effective options.

Why is it important to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles? Weak pelvic floor muscles are associated with certain medical conditions like urinary and bowel issues, poor sexual function, poor bladder emptying, and pelvic pain. To avoid these conditions, it is important to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel Balls

Kegel Balls are round-shaped vaginal balls that are usually made of silicone or metal. They are designed for vaginal insertion and available in a wide variety of sizes, weights, and colors. The small and weighted balls encourage you to contract and release different muscles with ease to keep your pelvic floor muscles in shape.

How do you use the Kegel Balls? Insert the Kegel Ball in your vaginal opening and hold it in place by contracting your vaginal muscles to keep the ball from slipping down. Heavier Kegel Balls will encourage you to perform a stronger contraction. The ball is usually worn for a prolonged period of up to several hours to sustain the contraction.

What are the benefits of using Kegel Balls? The use of Kegel Balls and doing Kegel exercises regularly encourage you to contract and relax your vaginal muscles. Aside from strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, Kegel exercises using a Kegel Ball contribute to better sexual performance, and it intensifies sexual pleasure.

Vibrating Panties

Don't be fooled by these seemingly innocent-looking panties because hidden underneath is a powerful sex device that vibrates to stimulate your sweet spot right there. The Vibrating Panties have a tiny pocket that hides a clitoral massager and vibrator in one. It comes with a remote control that you can discreetly stash in your pocket and click when you feel the need for it. You may also ask your partner to push the button for you when you least expect it for a pleasant surprise.

How does the Vibrating Panties work? The Vibrating Panties work by providing the right amount of stimulation, pressure, and vibration to your vagina's most sensitive part. Just wear the panties and position the toy against your clitoris for an instant nirvana within seconds after pushing the "on" button. There are different intensities for the vibration, and more advanced models feature different types of strokes as well for your absolute enjoyment.

What are the different ways to enjoy your Vibrating Panties? The Vibrating Panties are discreet sex toys for women. You can wear them as you wish, and nobody would suspect that you have a pleasure toy hidden right there. Wear the Vibrating Panties during a romantic date, at the club, at a party, or while making out with your partner. Ask your partner to hold the remote and let him tease you from across the room with a click of a button.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads are anal sex toys designed for both men and women. They are characterized by a series of beads that can either be in a rigid or strand-like form. The most common types of anal beads are made from silicone, plastic, metal, or glass.

How do you use anal beads? Anal beads are used during sexual intercourse by inserting the beads inside the anal canal with the finger hook exposed. A water-based lubricant is used for easy insertion. The beads are gradually pulled-out one by one or at varying speeds from the anal cavity using the finger hook. Pulling out of the beads is done at the peak of sexual excitement or during climax. For anal sex beginners, anal beads in graduated sizes are recommended, while advanced players might prefer the rigid type.

What is the purpose of using anal beads during sex? The purpose of using anal beads during sex is to provide additional stimulation to the anal cavity. Actual studies reveal that anal penetration and stimulation provide sexual pleasure for both men and women. The process of pulling out the anal beads at the height of sexual arousal helps facilitate and intensify the climax.

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs are anal sex toys that train, relax, and stretch the anal cavity in preparation for anal sex. There are different forms and sizes for butt plugs that are available in the market, but the most common type is the rocket-shaped plug. Butt plugs are made of medical-grade silicone, glass, or metal. There are also different variations, such as jeweled butt plugs, tail butt plugs, and vibrating butt plugs.

How do you use a butt plug? A butt plug can be used by inserting the device inside the anal cavity. A water-based lubricant is necessary for easy and comfortable insertion. Make sure that your butt plug has a flared bottom, which serves as a stopper to prevent the plug from slipping in. You should feel a sense of "fullness" inside your butt with a comfortable stretch. If you feel extreme discomfort, you might be using a plug that is too big for you. Beginners should start with the smallest butt plug and progress to bigger ones gradually.

What are the benefits of using a butt plug? You can wear a butt plug while having vaginal sex for a double penetration. Most women claim that receiving oral sex with a butt plug on is also pleasurable. Moreover, wearing a butt plug is useful in stretching and training your anal cavity for anal sex.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

How would you like to take anal sex and penetration to the next level? If you're ready for this kind of sexual exploration, you can benefit from using a vibrating butt plug.

What is a Vibrating Butt Plug? A Vibrating Butt Plug is a motorized version of the classic or static butt plug. It provides a vibrating sensation to the anal cavity, which helps in stimulating the G-spot and the internal part of the clitoris. Most Vibrating Butt Plugs are made of a silicone material while some are made of metal. They are also available in small, medium, and large sizes. This anal sex toy is beneficial to those who love anal sex and want to experience a deeper and more intense stimulation.

How do you use a Vibrating Butt Plug? To safely use a Vibrating Butt Plug, apply a liberal amount of lubricant for easy insertion to the anal cavity. If it comes with a remote control, you can easily adjust the speed and level of vibration to your satisfaction. During couple play, you may ask your partner to control the speed for you. Vibrating Butt Plugs require intensive cleaning and sterilization before and after use.

Double Strap-Ons

Designed for mutual penetration, masturbation, and lesbian sex, Double Strap-Ons are naughty sex toys for women and lesbians that are aiming for wild ways to have sex through vaginal penetration that goes both ways and for both parties.

How does a Double Strap-On look like? A Double Strap-On resembles a typical dildo with a harness. It is worn like underwear, but what makes it distinctly unique from a regular strap on is that there's a dildo for the one wearing it and another one attached to its front for the partner.

What is the purpose of a Double Strap-On? The purpose of a Double Strap-On is mutual penetration for two females having sex. This makes this toy ideal for lesbians who want to have their own share of vaginal penetration with their partner. The person wearing the Double Strap-On has a smaller dildo inside her vagina while penetrating her partner's vagina with the other dildo attached to the front of the harness. Another way to use the Double Strap-On is by wearing it for vaginal penetration and using the dildo attached to it to penetrate your partner's anus.

How to Use Women Sex Toys

how to use women sex toys.
As a women, how to properly use sex toys.

Women have many ways to use and enjoy their sex toys. With some creativity and a lot of imagination, you can achieve that big O within just a few strokes. So ladies, let's get wet, wild, and dirty as we explore the fabulous ways to make the most out of our sex toys.

1. Create the Perfect Setting.

What turns you on? Identify the elements that contribute to your sexual arousal and work your way from there. It could be by wearing silky lingerie, lying naked underneath the sheets, or by dimming down the lights. Get comfortable, loosen up, and start exploring your pleasure zones using your sex toy.

2. Tease Yourself.

Relax yourself and start touching your body from your neck down to that most delicate part. Close your eyes, and get sensual. Experts say that the most pleasurable sensations can be felt when you're not looking. So tease yourself using various sensory apparatus and get creative with your sex toy.

3. Lubricate.

Lubricants can do wonders with how your sensitive spots respond to your sex toys. Lubricate your clitoris and vaginal opening before teasing and stimulating them with your sex toy. Proper lubrication contributes to a smooth and slippery glide that will surely turn you on.

4. Explore Your Fantasies.

What are your sexual fantasies made of? Is it sex on the beach, sex inside a cramped car, office sex, or sex with a stranger? Simulate your fantasy any way you want by being creative and imaginative. It's easier to get turned on while thinking about your fantasies with a sex toy in hand. Use some props, dress the part, play appropriate sounds, talk dirty, and moan to your heart's content to reach a powerful orgasm.

5. Maximize the Features of Your Toy.

If you're using a motorized sex toy such as a hands-free vibrator, G-spot vibrator, or clitoral vibrator, make the most out of their features by exploring the various modes, vibration patterns, and intensities. Use your hands to stimulate other parts of your body or focus on the pulsations as you drift away to nirvana.

6. Orgasm Denial.

Prolong the urge and yearning by pulling your toy away at the peak of sexual excitement. This is one way of training yourself to take control of your orgasms. Once you're done playing, and you're finally ready to claim your price, it's double the pleasure because that powerful orgasm that you've been trying to hold will finally be released, and it's going to be explosive.

7. Aim for Multiple Orgasms.

Sex toys for women are designed to provide real penetration and powerful stimulation. You can continue using them until you're completely satisfied. Discover what your body is capable of and find out how much you can handle by aiming for multiple orgasms. Don't pull back during the climax, and try to achieve more.

How to Use Sex Toys With Your Partner

How to use a sex toy with your partner.
How to use a sex toy with your partner.

Sex toys for women are designed for both solo play and couple play. In fact, most sex toys are useful in spicing up your lovemaking session with your partner. The powerful features can also serve as tools to prolong foreplay, for sexual exploration, and to strengthen your intimate bond.

Here are different ways to use your sex toy with the help of your partner;

1. Allow him to take control.

For motorized and remote control sex toys, allow your partner to take control of the stimulation. Get in a comfortable position and let him perform wonders to your body by shifting between vibration modes or by applying pressure to your erogenous zones.

2. Let him do the penetration.

For static dildos and vibrators, allow your partner to use the toy to stimulate you down there and to give you a good masturbation. Give him instructions on how to tease and penetrate you for an intimate sexual experience. Allowing him to thrust the toy in your vagina is also a huge turn-on for him.

3. Ask your partner to lubricate you.

The use of sex toys may require an adequate amount of lubricant. Ask your partner to apply lubricant on your vagina for a smoother and warmer glide with your sex toy.

4. Wear a butt plug during oral sex.

Butt plugs can intensify the sensation and pleasure when receiving oral sex. If you're a beginner, use a small jeweled butt plug and spread your legs wide for your partner. He'll be delighted and surprised to see a shining stud sticking out of your anal opening.

5. Double penetration.

You and your partner can benefit from wearing a butt plug during sexual intercourse. For women, having a butt plug on during vaginal penetration contributes to the effective stimulation of the G-spot and the internal part of the clitoris. Among men, wearing a butt plug stimulates and adds pressure to the prostate, which leads to a prostate-induced orgasm.

6. Explore BDSM.

If you like to do some role-playing session with your partner wherein one is the submissive and the other one is the sadistic, put the bondage ropes, clit clamps, bondage kits, and sex masks to good use. For some spanking sessions, use the floggers and bondage collars to make the experience more intense.

7. Let your partner surprise you.

Wearing your hands-free vibrator and vibrating panties discreetly can offer you a pleasurable surprise. Wear your toy during a night out with your partner and let him have the remote control. Allow him to press the button anytime or when you least expect it to surprise you and give you a random treat while enjoying a movie, having drinks with your friends, or from across the room at a party. Try to restrain yourself because it only takes a few vibrations for you to reach sexual high when the device is turned on.

Sex Toys for Women Testimonials

Women's Sex ToysReviews and Testimonials

5 stars review

This is where quality meets affordable pricing for any sex toy! My order arrived safely and it looks marvelous. I’ve always wanted to own a dildo but I don’t know where to get one secretly. You’ve made it happen and I feel very grateful. Thanks for the confidential transaction!

Sally C. Author image

Sally C.

San Jose, CA

Small Dildo In Beginner Dildos

5 stars review

The remote control dildo works like a dream! It’s everything that I’ve always wanted and it gives me that pleasurable penetration and vibration that I love. It’s a great product at a reasonable price compared to other sellers. Thumbs up for accuracy and functionality!

Missy O. Author image

Missy O.

Seattle, WA

Pleasy-Remote In Remote Control Dildos

5 stars review

I was too shy to order for a large dildo and my greatest nightmare is that my housemates would find out about it. But I trusted bestsextoys’ discreet packaging and confidential shipping. Nobody suspected anything when my package finally arrived. I told them that it’s a rotating hairbrush for my mom.

Marie N. Author image

Marie N.

Nashville, TN

Mass Dildo In Large Dildos

5 stars review

Hats off to your amazing line of products and discounts! I already used two promo codes (for a G-spot dildo and a thrusting dildo) which I received from your newsletter and I enjoyed the price drop for these naughty items. The thrusting dildo is a great buy and it hits the spot perfectly.

Beatrice S. Author image

Beatrice S.

Detroit, MI

G-dildo In G-Spot Dildos

5 stars review

I’ve never had a dildo before so when I finally decided to buy one, I opted for the squirting dildo. I might as well make it seem real if I’ll have one, right? I got it at an amazingly low price and the quality is excellent. The texture glides smoothly and the squirting feature is simply wild.

Macy L. Author image

Macy L.

Virginia Beach, VA

Juicy Dildo In Squirting Dildos

5 stars review

It was a choice between the anal beads and the small butt plug but I decided to buy both items because they’re inexpensive. I had a blast using them and it was an overwhelming sensation. Thank you for introducing them to me bestsextoys! Your products and service are awesome!

Desiree N. Author image

Desiree N.

Lexington, KY

Small Butty Plug In Small Butt Plugs

5 stars review

I told my boyfriend that I want to experience clit torture so we ordered the clitoral pump and and clit clamp. The products came just in time for our anniversary and I had the best gift ever! They were wild and extremely notorious. Now we’re thinking about what’s next to try.

Lisa W. Author image

Lisa W.

Orlando, FL

Clit Pumper In Clit Pumps

5 stars review

Fantasies do come true with the suction cup dildo. It’s currently my number 1 essential and I’m glad I got it from best sex toys. It was exactly as described and the size is perfect. The material is smooth and the veiny texture feels so good that it almost feels like the real thing.

Andrea B. Author image

Andrea B.

Jacksonville, FL

Sticky Pen In Suction Cup Dildos

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