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Fun Sex Games To Spice Up Your Sex Life


It’s easy to fall into a sex routine, especially if you and your partner have been together for a while. But let’s get one thing straight: there’s nothing wrong with a sex routine. In fact, relationship experts reveal that a scheduled sex routine helps maintain a healthy, long-term relationship.

However, it’s also important to do something new once in a while to keep things exciting. Because just like anything in life, new experiences help you explore, get out of your comfort zone, and figure out what you enjoy.

In this article, you will discover a few fun sex games that will hopefully result in sensational discoveries and maybe even unlock new sexual fantasies. But before anything else, make sure you know how to initiate sex games with your partner and how to keep sex games fun and safe first.

starting with sex games

How To Initiate Sex Games With Your Partner

Coming up with sex games isn’t the hard part, it is suggesting the idea to your partner. The key to successful and enjoyable sex games is mutual trust. You and your partner should also share a common interest in sexual exploration.

Here are some tips on how to suggest the idea of sex games to your partner:

Tips on Keeping Sex Games Fun, Respectful, And Safe

When playing sex games, it’s easy to lose yourself. You may become too overwhelmed with what’s happening that you may forget that the purpose of the game is for you and your partner to have fun and enjoy each other.

In order to avoid any problems that may arise during a sex game, here are five tips on keeping sex games fun, respectful, and safe:

1. Set ground rules.

Setting ground rules

It is important to establish ground rules before playing the game. Ground rules can be anything — from restrictions to certain sexual activities to limitations on aggression — as long as both parties can agree to it. Setting ground rules help you and your partner recognize what’s within bounds and what’s off-limits.

2. Establish safe words.

Either partner has the ability to end the game at any time — for any reason. And when someone decides to end the game, the other person must respect it whatever the circumstances are. In order for you and your partner to know when to stop, safe words must be established. A safe word will serve as a stop signal. It can be any word, but it must be something that will not likely come up unintentionally during your game session.

3. Respect each other’s vulnerability.

Vulnerability comes in many forms. Your partner may display signs of vulnerability when they seem embarrassed during a role-play or when they react defensively to playful aggression. When these happen, never laugh at your partner or react negatively. Instead, try to understand where this vulnerability is coming from. Laughing at them or reacting negatively to their vulnerability may cause them to clam up and be unwilling to participate in future sex games.

4. Don’t force yourself or your partner to do something that feels uncomfortable.

This one goes without saying: no one should feel pressured or forced into doing something they’re uncomfortable with. If you’re not comfortable doing something, be honest with your partner and don’t do it. The same goes with your partner, it is important that your partner knows that you’re not forcing them to do anything they’re uncomfortable with. And if your partner decides not to do it, let them know that it’s not a problem and that you understand.

5. Never suggest sex games as a “solution” to a problem.

The only reason you should be suggesting sex games to your partner is for the purpose of sexual exploration. If you are suggesting sex games to fix a problem within your relationship, be it a lack of sexual intimacy or poor sex experience, playing sex games won’t fix it.

13 Fun, Sex Games To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex games for a better sex life

1. Stripped-Down Twister.

For this game, you’ll be needing the board game “Twister”. The mechanics are the same — only with less clothing. Every time somebody falls, they have to take off a layer of clothing. This game is a fun way to show off your flexibility, and who knows? You may even discover new positions to try.

2. Sexual Fantasy Jar.

You and your partner will write down sexual fantasies into slips of paper, be it having sex in a certain place or trying out a new position. Fold the papers and put everything into the jar. It’s best to try to write as many as you can into slips of paper. But if you can’t think of a lot, don’t pressure yourself, you can always write and add more slips of paper into the jar.

The fun part, of course, is the execution. You can pull one paper out of the jar every day or fulfill as many fantasies as you want in one sex session. This game also provides you an opportunity to let your partner know about your sexual desires, especially if you aren’t comfortable saying it.

3. Make Believe.

This one is a classic, yet still works like magic. All you need is a bag full of costume props — for example, a policeman’s uniform, a cheerleader’s skirt, and a maid’s feather duster. Before you get into an intimate moment, reach into the bag. Whichever prop you took out is a role play fantasy you have to act out. Take inspiration from porn stereotypes and let your imagination run wild!

4. Blind Poker.

Blind poker sexual game

All you need to play this card game is a set of poker cards, and a pen and paper to write your bets down on. Instead of betting money, you bet with actions. For instance, your partner bets an oil massage, and you raise with a handjob bet.

This game works with any style of poker you choose to play, but none of the players can look at their cards — the idea is to bet without seeing them. Once the betting is over, both players flip over their cards and whoever loses has to do all the things written on the paper.

5. Time Bomb.

This is a great game to practice foreplay. All you need is your phone set as a timer. To start, pick a time interval — 10 minutes, for instance. Throughout the duration of the interval you choose, tease each other with kissing, touching, and other forms of foreplay. But the twist in this game is that no penetration should take place within the time interval. Whoever gives in first, loses.

6. Dessert Bar.

Dessert bar game

Instead of indulging in your dessert on a table, why not do it in your partner’s body? Have your partner lie down naked as you top their body with your favorite treats — from whipped cream to warm chocolate syrup — and lick it off however you like. Then, switch roles so they’d get to the same to you. Once dessert time is over, hop in the shower together to wash off — and you know, finish what you started.

7. Blind Man’s Buff.

To play this game, you will need a blindfold or any cloth that can cover the eyes. Start by blindfolding your partner. When you’re sure he can’t see anything, proceed to tease him — slowly or wildly — however you feel like doing it. In this game, you call the shots with his sexual response as your guide. The lack of visuals during sex increases a person’s sensitivity and psychological vulnerability, both of which are a powerful aphrodisiac.

8. Find the Honey.

Find honey game

This is a game where the task is to find the sweet spot (literally). To get started, get a blindfold and cover your partner’s eyes. A scarf or a tie will do the trick if you can’t get your hands on a blindfold. Then, dip your finger in some honey and put it in a sexy, unexpected part of your body.

Your partner has to explore your body using their mouth looking for the honey. If you want to make the game a bit tricky, you can set a timer and take turns. Whoever finds the honey faster, wins. This game is not only fun and cheap to play, but it can also last for hours if you’re up for the challenge!

9. Monkey See, Porn Star Do.

Pick a porn video that you and your partner like. As you’re watching together, try to act out what’s going on in the porn video as it’s happening. This is a fun game to try something new. Who knows? You might even discover a new favorite position or maybe you’ll just realize that you’re just not flexible enough to make it work. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll never know until you try.

10. Never Have I Ever.

This one is a slumber party classic with a sexy twist. You and your partner each hold 10 fingers up, and take turns saying the naughtiest and dirtiest “Never Have I Ever” statements you can think of. Use this game as an opportunity to share things you’ve been dying to try. For instance, you say, “Never have I ever been handcuffed,” or “Never have I ever done anal.”

If you have been handcuffed or you’ve done anal, you put one finger down. If you haven’t, the person asking the question does. The first one with all the fingers down loses, and the winner gets to pick the sexual activity, ideally from the list of “Never Have I Evers”.

11. Guess What This Is.

Guess what this is game

For this game, you’ll need a bag filled with props. Some objects that would work well as a prop are feathers, ice, sponge, softball, and more. Start by blindfolding your partner. Then, you can proceed by gently caressing your partner using a prop from the basket.

Without talking or making any sound, let your partner guess what is touching their skin. To make this game more difficult, play it with a timer on and take turns. The player who guessed more items than the other one wins the game.

12. Strip Pong.

Set up your dining table like a beer-pong table. Skip the brew (or not) and arrange 16-ounce plastic cups at either end of the table like how you would in a beer-pong. Grab some Ping-Pong balls and stand at one end of the table with your partner on the other end. Take turns in attempting to shoot the ball into the cups at the opposite end of the table.

When one of you successfully shoots the ball in a cup, the other has to drink the beer in that cup (if any), remove it, and take off a layer of their clothing. The brew is optional in this game, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can do this game with your cups filled with beer.

13. Dominant and Submissive Role-Play.

This one is exciting, but definitely not for the faint-hearted. All you need to play this game are handcuffs or anything you can tie your wrists with. How the game flows is based on your preferences. This is something you need to talk about with your partner before playing. To start, decide which role you prefer: dominant or submissive.

If you prefer to be dominant, proceed by tying your partner’s wrist to the headboard and pinning them to the mattress. Don’t be afraid to go a little wilder than usual, show gentle aggression, and talk rough. But if you prefer to be submissive, let your partner take the lead.

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Sopiko Iagan Sep 14, 2020, 10:37 pm
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I believe every couple should have at least a pair of sex dices. It's fun, lots of exciting fun. What are your thoughts? What is your favorite sex game boards, dices, swings, what is it?

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Strip pong all day, it reminds me of my early college years. So much fun.


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